Tag: Fairfax district

Man Arrested For Stabbing A Woman In Front Of Footlocker

MELROSE—A man was arrested for stabbing a woman outside of a Footlocker in the Fairfax District on Wednesday, February 16. Individuals were lined up outside...

Teenagers Robbed In Melrose-Fairfax District

MELROSE—Two teenage sisters, 16 and 18, were pulled to the ground by their hair and robbed of their cellphones in the Fairfax district on...

Apple Stores Tracking Looted Devices

MELROSE—Looters will not be able to utilize or sell stolen Apple devices from burglarized areas including Grove Shopping Center in Los Angeles as of...

Nonprofit, Melrose Trading Post Closed Amid Coronavirus

MELROSE—Melrose Trading Post, the nonprofit organization of the Greenway Arts Alliances which is known for uniting communities through art, and education has closed due...

Man Shot And Killed On Melrose Avenue

MELROSE—Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department are searching for the suspect responsible for fatally shooting a 27 year-old man on Melrose Avenue on...

Melrose Floods After Storm Drains Fail

MELROSE—Three blocks of Melrose Avenue near Vista Street, were flooded on Thursday, May 14, interrupting business and damaging several shops. At around 9 p.m., rain...
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