Tag: friendship

Happy Non-Alcoholic New Year

UNITED STATES—"I stopped drinking," Charlie says. "I'm giving up beer." "Beer isn't drinking." "If it isn't drinking, what is it?" "It's beer," Charlie says. "Beer is beer." I...

For The Love Of Others!

HOLLYWOOD—Valentine's Day is on February 14, a time when people show feelings of love, friendship and affection. It is celebrated in so many ways,...

Cottage Chronicles: Deutsches Requiem

HOLLYWOOD—It happens when you get in a cottage courtyard and stick around long enough: somebody dies who's been here forever. It happens while the...

Spark Of Life Grief Recovery Retreat To Come To SoCal

CALIFORNIA—What was pioneered from personal tragedy and a little bit of goodwill has since become a nationwide network for grief recovery, providing services, as...

Finding Connection In A Disconnected World

UNITED STATES—Lately it seems as though most people that I encounter all have this need to re-kindle any kind of connection via social media. I realize that...
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