Tag: impeachment

The Prostitutes in Congress

CAPITOL HILL—While President Trump is signing, yet another, historical record-breaking deal with China to improve life for all Americans, Democrat-controlled Congress is impeaching him...

Councilmember Ryu Introduces Motion To End Homelessness

CALIFORNIA—On Friday, November 15, Los Angeles Councilmember David Ryu introduced a motion to amend the city’s governing documents to aid in the development of...

White House Lawyer Skips Out On Impeachment Deposition

UNITED STATES—The White House's lawyer, John Eisenberg, 52, skipped out on the subpoena ordering him to be present for a disposition scheduled for Monday,...

Impeaching Trump: Biden, Lies & Videotape

WASHINGTON, DC—News traveled quickly about the inquiry into President Trump's impeachment. The details of what happened have been confused, twisted, misconstrued and spun within...

Adam Schiff Misrepresents Whistleblower Report

WASHINGTON, DC—The hearing to address the most recent attacks on President Donald Trump regarding his phone call to Ukraine and the anonymous Whistle-blower complaints...
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