Tag: James Bond

“No Time To Die” Delivers Solid Adieu

HOLLYWOOD—Let me start by pointing out the latest James Bond flick “No Time to Die” is quite long to say the least. It clocks...

“That 70’s Show” Actress Tanya Roberts Confirmed Dead

HOLLYWOOD—Tanya Robert’s known for her role in James Bond “A View To Kill” and “That 70’s show” sitcom has been admitted to the hospital...

Sean Connery Passes Away

HOLLYWOOD—Sean Connery, the Scottish actor who is credited as the original James Bond  and known for his famous phrase 'The name’s Bond… James Bond,'...

“Spectre” Wins Box-Office For Second Week

HOLLYWOOD—As predicted, James Bond controlled the driver seat at the multiplex for the second consecutive week. “Spectre” dominated theatres to land in first place...

“Spectre” Is Full Of Bond Surprises

HOLLYWOOD—I’m not a huge James Bond fan; I’ll be the first to admit it. Quite honestly, I don’t understand all the hoopla behind people...
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