UNITED STATES—Movie trends come and go, and predicting the next big trend of films to be released is as easy as looking at what’s popular in the current culture – fans have just come off the back of a huge wave in popularity for comic book movies that has spanned over a decade and are now looking for the next big thing. But what’s looking to be next? One of the big trends certainly seems to be coming from the rapidly growing gaming industry, with a few huge movies released over the past few years, but exploring deeper niches may be the next big target.

Within gaming, one of the big niches that has been growing in recent years has been within the online casino market through sites like Limitless Casinos and many others, large streaming platforms have seen content creators lean into this niche, and player counts have been steadily rising on mobile with a huge demographic too. With this niche, there’s more than just one type that has found success in the past too.

We’ve seen the growth of classic gangster and mob type movies, including popular titles like Casino, Rounders, and Sting, and always have a huge amount of re-watchability. Whilst these types of movies waned in popularity over time, there’s certainly a chance for it to make a comeback, particularly with growing interest once again.

Heist movies are the second group that have been hugely popular, the Ocean’s movies set the blueprint for this type of niche and are still hugely popular today having launched a less successful spin-off movie. Others in this category include titles like 21, which had become something of a classic in its own right too.

Sports movies based on real-life always bring a huge audience too, classics like Remember the Titans or even more modern names like Moneyball have a huge influence, it’s no surprise then that movies introducing a betting aspect also do very well too with titles like Silver Linings Playbook often being regarded as classics in their own right, and whilst there haven’t been a huge number of names that can fit into this bracket, it shows a clear gap for an activity that millions participate in daily.

Finally come the movies that fit into the Poker bracket, Rounders would also fit in here but also other huge titles like Casino Royale are extremely well liked – they offer all of the stakes, and all of the excitement, without needing all of the grit and knowledge to play. These are always exciting movies to watch and could be the next big trend.

Whilst there are no guarantees, the growing interest in the space could definitely lead to the possibility of a new wave for casino movies within the next couple of years coming down after the winding down of superhero movies, with the modern movie big budget and huge amount of talent in the space too, there could be some huge spectacles given the right story too.