Tag: lying

If Caught In A Lie, Just Admit It!

UNITED STATES—If there is one thing I hate it is when a person lies and then he or she gets caught in the lie...

A Lie On Top Of A Lie

UNITED STATES—I sometimes have to ask myself why do some people tell some of the most outrageous lies? I mean I hate to even...

Earning Trust

UNITED STATES—Is it possible for a person to fully earn back the respect of someone who they wronged so badly that the person forgives...

10 Ways Parenting Ruins Children

UNITED STATES—I'm only an ARMCHAIR WARRIOR, but these issues are crippling our communities, society, and culture. I observed, studied, and learned from my mistakes. I've...

Lying And Malingering!

UNITED STATES— There are many negative personality traits that are gaining momentum in our American youth. Lying with ease and followed up with illogical...

ANTI-Mentoring = Refusing To Parent!

UNITED STATES—"A TORN JACKET IS SOON MENDED, BUT HARD WORDS BRUISE THE HEART OF THE CHILD," Longfellow.  A century ago socioeconomic factors were blamed, but...
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