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“9-1-1” Kicks Off Season 6!

HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe we are on season six of the hit FOX series “9-1-1.” I stumbled upon the series as a complete fluke, but...

May Is Mental Health Awareness In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica for the month of May will focus on Mental Health Awareness and have conversations destigmatizing mental health by...

Los Angeles Marathon Rescheduled For May 2021

BRENTWOOD—On Tuesday, November 24, The McCourt Foundation announced that the Los Angeles Marathon will be rescheduled for May 23, 2021, and the LA Big...

LAPD Arrests 3 In Connection With 1993 Westlake Fire

LOS ANGELES—Authorities have arrested 3 people in connection to a Westlake apartment complex that was set on fire on May 3, 1993. Ten residents, seven children...

The Grand Tour

UNITED STATES—It finally aired...or streamed, I guess is the appropriate term. The highly anticipated car show designed to usher us into a new era...

May 2016 U.S Familial Offenders

UNITED STATES—Here are May’s 10 shameful family members, each and every one responsible for the death, disability, or at the minimum: mistreatment or neglect...
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