UNITED STATES—Here are May’s 10 shameful family members, each and every one responsible for the death, disability, or at the minimum: mistreatment or neglect of a child. The kind that leads to more psychologically damaged individuals that are dependent on social security checks before they are 18.

I wish we could know how many were being supported by UNCLE SAM.


Miles Willis from TEXAS has been arrested and charged with ‘injury to a child’ after his 7 year-old daughter showed up to school with injuries to her thighs and buttocks from a belt whipping.

This one hits a personal chord for me, and I would like to add that there is something especially disgusting about an adult man making a girl bend over with her pants down, most likely making her sexual organs visible, for a whipping.

This type of punishment can (ALTHOUGH SHOULDN’T) be doled with pants on, we all know sexual gratification occurs when pants are down.


A California mother is accused of driving into a fire hydrant while under the influence and leaving her 2 year-old son in the car as she fled the scene. Elizabeth Robles, 27, has “released” the child over to Department of Child and Family Services. Let’s hope intervention continues and this situation turns out with an undamaged child.


Ruth Ann Lewis, of Tulsa, OK is being accused of neglect and abuse so severe that it has left 7 month-old Zayden Myers dead from head trauma. The story is sickening, telling of “brain injuries, retinal hemorrhages, kidney injuries and bruises to his head, cheek and neck.” All boiling down to an mother angry, due to fighting with her mate. An innocent child pays the price.


The mother of an 8 year-old autistic boy, Brandy Tucker of South Carolina, has been arrested after the child was found wandering alone for hours. When authorities went inside they found the home in “deplorable” condition: filth everywhere, cats and dogs with no food or water and of course, no food in the fridge.

Who wants to bet UNCLE SAM was sponsoring this household?


A Colorado mother was arrested after a “disturbing” video showed her abusing her son. Katrina Flores-Kennedy was caught on film screaming at, belittling, and hitting her child. This case has people debating about when someone should be obligated to report abuse.

The woman who videotaped it waited 9 days before turning it over to police, and is rightly being crucified by internet chatters that are blaming her for waiting too long.


Bethany Joy Smith of Colorado, 21,  has been arrested for the death of 3 month-old Skyler Smith. The baby was found to have several skull fractures and the mother admits to “throwing” him. DISGUSTING.


A Bloomington father has been charged in the death of his daughter. Robierre McNeil is being accused of leaving the 2 month-old in a swing for 7 hours without being fed or attended to, and the baby was found to have unexplained injuries including two skull fractures.


A Vallejo, CA father is in custody after investigators found that the fire killing his 5 year-old son and injuring the mother: was INTENTIONAL! Darrylone Shuemake, 53, has been charged and another one of his son’s has told a reporter that his father was “violent and that he spent his childhood living in fear of him.”


Ashley and Richard Barnett of Florida have been arrested and two toddlers were removed from the home when investigators found conditions so “deplorable” that they fear “long term damage” has occurred as a result of them living in the filth.


Michael West and Vanessa May of Missouri have been charged with a plethora of charges, including abuse, when their 12 year-old special needs son with Asperger’s was found in “an empty bedroom with a concrete floor and no lighting.”

I’m closing with this case because it shows how the system continues to fail children, and reward offender by allowing them to collect government benefits while ruining children at the same time. This family was well known, and an investigation into the family showed in 2010 that one of the children “demonstrated behavior that is consistent with sexual abuse/assault.”

The family was allowed to keep the children. The mother is a registered sex offender. The children were taken to a family members home and nothing I have read says the family member has been thoroughly checked out.

Those children may be STILL in the grips of FAMILIAL OFFENDERS!