Tag: mental health crisis

Pilot Program To Respond To Mental Health Calls

CALIFONIA— On October 26 Los Angeles County supervisor Janice Hahn Held a news conference to announce a year long pilot program to handle mental...

ANTI-Mentoring = Refusing To Parent!

UNITED STATES—"A TORN JACKET IS SOON MENDED, BUT HARD WORDS BRUISE THE HEART OF THE CHILD," Longfellow.  A century ago socioeconomic factors were blamed, but...

Speak Easy: Mental Health ER

UNITED STATES—Is Uncle Sam ever going to truly protect his citizens? According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 41,000 people commit suicide each year. ...

Speak Easy: Our Broken OCEAN

UNITED STATES—The Big Five personality traits that have been used to determine the normalcy of personality are no longer as important in today's world,...
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