Tag: parenting

Personality Is Armor For The Brain

UNITED STATES—“When the wicked spirits have ruined in a soul the edifice of virtue, they sap its foundation, which is faith.” It has been more...

March 2016 U.S. Familial Offenders

UNITED STATES—I woke up this morning and realized the best way to convince you all that PARENTING is the #1 factor in WHAT'S WRONG...

Evolution Of: America’s PROBLEM

UNITED STATES—Our nation is being RUINED at its core, while allowing politicians and media to lead us where they WANT our attention directed: the...

Mentoring = Parenting Done Right!

UNITED STATES—I cannot let January get by without mentioning that it is NATIONAL MENTORING MONTH! It is amazing how mentoring and parenting both go...

Kids Having Kids

UNITED STATES—Being a parent is no easy task. It requires plenty of sacrifice and beyond anything else it’s a requirement to always place your...

Public Shaming

UNITED STATES—There has been a trend in the parenting department that has gotten a lot of attention lately, shaming. Some of you might be...
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