UNITED STATES—When we think of a parent with nothing to offer, money or items of monetary value are the first thing we think of. After all, it is the reason that WELFARE was created and proliferated to where it is today.

I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that Uncle Sam had photographers documenting the living conditions of America in the 1930s, right before the creation of child labor laws in 1938 and then the food stamp program in 1939.

We knew 100 years ago that large numbers of parents were UNWILLING to parent, instead seeing  procreation as a means for gain. Children were being used as labor and starved at the same time. America had to STEP UP and do something.

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Now Uncle Sam pays for children to have a home and food. If a deadbeat parent sells their food stamps, or uses 30 days of food aid for one big feast, we enable that bad parent by creating free food programs in schools, churches, etc.


Because America is too civilized to let our babies starve, yet not civilized enough to create and enforce rules to ensure parenting does not ruin their life potential, before they are old enough to LIVE.

Think I am just an alarmist? I have been called that before.

Take a look at the image below, showing how outright and blunt Uncle Sam had to be, in his effort to PROVE THAT PARENTING CHOICES WERE RETARDING CHILDREN:

National Child Labor Committee Image Courtesy Wikimedia
National Child Labor Committee, Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Notice how they blame SMALL INDUSTRY. This must be because the era was still heavily influenced by the religious doctrine that dictated NO JUDGING one another. These children wouldn’t be working if PARENTS chose for them to go to work instead of school.

There are so many people reproducing now, with absolutely nothing to offer and I am not talking about money.

Humans who were never taught love do not possess the love it takes to want to love and protect their own child. Instead it has been replaced with an “it was good enough for me” or “I survived it” mentality.

Without knowledge they have no smarts to teach. That is the truth.

We live in a society where standards are consistently lowered in an effort to cater to those children not blessed with a parent who activates the child’s bright future by programing them with the knowledge, morals, and smarts that it takes to thrive in the 21st century world.

Children having children is a problem that has been debated for a long time.

In the late 1800s, Professor O.S. Fowler wrote that “the older the parents the more moral and intellectual the offspring.” How exactly does a young parent who has not yet learned how to fend for themself TEACH a child how to?

The millions of single mothers in America may be capable of providing and protecting but they cannot teach a young man how to act like a man or how a young women is supposed to be treated by a man. Things not taught by words alone.

This one is one I know from experience.

Keeping youth safe from childhood sexual abuse by keeping men away may work, but in the long run they did not get to see the interaction of HAPPY and APPROPRIATE. How happy people act in love… Respect. How two mentally healthy people are supposed to treat one another.

Another thing parents are lacking? BALANCE.

I have observed people who were raised with too much discipline or traumatizing violence, that do not discipline in any way. They teach a LACK of discipline leading to a lack of respect for authorities that we see in the youth gone bad across America.

Others who blame a parent as the cause of their eating disorder, will let their own children overeat simply because they fear inflicting the same disorder onto their own child by pushing do’s and don’ts of healthy eating habits.

People whose parents kept such a squeaky clean house and drill sergeant rules may find that their child grows up to avoid cleaning, maybe even defending their right to be a slob.

Then we have a large amount of people that suffer from depression and are afraid of putting too much pressure to succeed on on their own child, resulting in youth that are lacking drive.

No work ethic. No clean living habits. No healthy eating habits. No appropriate love to emulate. No desire to protect.

NOTHING TO OFFER these poor children that did not ask to be born.

That is the current state of America for many youth and the reason I will continue bitching and complaining about how once again it is time for Uncle Sam to step up and create a standard of parenting for our American children.