Tag: plastic surgery

Hailey Bieber is Threatening To Sue Plastic Surgeon For False Claims

BEVERLY HILLS— Supermodel Hailey Bieber is threatening to sue a plastic surgeon that says she has enhanced features of her face. Dr. Daniel Barrett is...

City Council Votes To Resume Elective Procedures

BEVERLY HILLS—On Tuesday, April 28, the Beverly Hills City Council approved an amendment to its March 16 emergency ordinance - that originally prohibited all elective...

Looking Good!

HOLLYWOOD—Looking good is hard work. Facelifts, implants, liposuction and nosejobs- sounds like a checklist for Hollywood, doesn't it? For many years, plastic surgery has...

Privacy Breach At Rodeo Drive Clinic Puts Clients At Risk

BEVERLY HILLS—A security breach at an exclusive plastic surgery clinic, located at 421 N. Rodeo Drive, has placed patients' private records in jeopardy, CBS Los Angeles...

It’s The Season!

HOLLYWOOD—Christmas has been the season of spreading good cheer, of spending time with your family and of sharing, caring and giving. Of love and...

Justin Bieber Look-A-Like Reported Missing

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Tobias Strebel, 35, known for undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures to make himself a replica of pop star Justin Bieber is missing. It was reported...
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