Tag: punishment

Public Shaming: Yay Or Nay

UNITED STATES—Last week we had a conversation that centered on the notion of the difficulty of parenting. This week I want to turn the...

The Need For A Reformed America

UNITED STATES—Our country has been crumbling right in front of our eyes, rotting from the inside out and up until now many of you've...

Evolution Of: The American Personality

UNITED STATES—I propose the parents of America were a NARCISSIST and a MEGALOMANIAC! Mother, of course, was the church. Sent overseas to make sure those...

ANTI-Mentoring = Refusing To Parent!

UNITED STATES—"A TORN JACKET IS SOON MENDED, BUT HARD WORDS BRUISE THE HEART OF THE CHILD," Longfellow.  A century ago socioeconomic factors were blamed, but...
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