UNITED STATES—Our country has been crumbling right in front of our eyes, rotting from the inside out and up until now many of you’ve been able to selectively ignore the problem. Private schools and gated communities. Safeguarding one’s own and letting the world bubble out of control out there, away from you.


If you think our American children are on the right path, you’re an idiot. The astounding number of addicts, abusers, and non-working youth proves there is a problem. The psyche and personality of children is BROKEN before they are old enough to enter the workforce. Rationalizing criminal activities, laziness, and lack of respect to adults and authorities is becoming THE NORM.

We have created a ‘man-made personality disorder’ and our children are ticking time bombs just waiting for the means, opportunity, or cause worthy of a TERRORIST SUICIDE ACT. Schools, movie theaters, community activities and celebrations…


They are a generation never taught to control the hate instilled in them by their parents, making them commit acts of violence NOT ONLY because they feel legitimately wronged, but also because it’s so easy to jump on the bandwagon of others who claim to have been wronged, WHETHER THE CAUSE IS BASED ON REALITY OR NOT.

If we logically and rationally think about what is wrong with our country, the masses of broken youth will be on the top of the list.

They are our CORE, and frighteningly show little care for themselves or the future of their country.

We are a PURGE society with “our future” showing absolutely no respect for us. They are a problem that needs to be fixed before America can grow and be healthy again.

To point our finger at one person or problem would be a waste of time.

Maybe bad parents who abused children did lead to good parents being unable to discipline. Maybe big corporate America did let us breed out of control like rats to create slave-like workforce with Uncle Sam as the master. Maybe too many parents did use CIVIL RIGHTS to steal the CIVIL LIBERTIES of children and now that they are broken we are at a loss for how to fix OUR PRECIOUS FUTURE!

Maybe there should have been rules for parenting a long time ago, outlawing the proliferation of gender inequality, racism, and eugenic reasoning of any kind.

BUT IT’S TOO LATE NOW. Our forefathers did nothing and the uncivilized have festered out of control. There are many tiny cracks in our American shell, now combining to make big craters.

Are we going to continue watching, or will we ever do something about it?

I know what we should do, and have been here watching the world crumble around me while I wave my pen and paper and try to scream at people: I KNOW HOW TO FIX AMERICA!

And why not listen to me? I come from a long line of American women ruined by men, traced back to Mary Chilton, the first person to step on Plymouth rock.

I love this country and want nothing but the BEST for her and all children of the future.

Drastic times call for drastic measures; it ISN’T just a cliché saying.

The following plan has to be adopted as one. All areas need to be addressed or it’s just like patching half of the holes and thinking the ship won’t sink.

CSA: Citizens for a Surveilled America. Everyone is on high alert and it’s wise to be hypervigilant. Surveillance catches criminals and it is time to take that to the next level with cameras across the country that can be accessed by all citizens. When unstable familial homes affect the child’s functioning, social workers will no longer be restrained by self-reporting bias. High activity households will be discovered and investigated, helping to end the environments that are creating broken humans and taking away a child’s potentiality.

IPOC: In Presence of Children law. This would double the punishment of any crime taking place in the presence of children. This needs to be done to show youth that crime is not okay and that the RISK/GAIN IS NOT WORTH THE PUNISHMENT. Furthermore, if children are present at a crime scene of any kind or circumstance they will be enrolled in the MWI program.

MWI: Mandatory Welfare Intervention. Generational welfare is rampant and your TAXES are funding it by providing government assistance for children whose parents are unwilling, or unable to raise them without Uncle Sam’s help.

We need a national program that is mandatory for the children who are products of parents that receive their entire income from welfare, because one already inefficient household cannot teach something they don’t know. Correction of maladaptive behaviors can be all that is needed to set a family on the proper path of respect and positive growth, sure to become an American Asset!

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