Tag: satire

More Gas

UNITED STATES—“This was one of Kyle’s permanent molars, so we’re going to do our best to save it,” said the dentist. Meanwhile Allegra was...

Laughing Gas

UNITED STATES—Today was the day. Allegra Newton (nee Scruggs) had had enough of dental profiteering, and she was going to hold the dentist at...

Speak Easy: Epic Rap Battles Of History

UNITED STATES—This hilarity provides a small break from reality that doesn't require drugs or alcohol. It also features satirical humor and all-around rude lyrics...

Speak Easy: The Age Of Reason

UNITED STATES—This is part two in my satirical Thomas Paine series. His words motivated Washington’s troops on Christmas Day when they were freezing and...

Speak Easy: The American Crisis

UNITED STATES—The American Crisis. December is the anniversary of a famous plea by Thomas Paine titled, The American Crisis, started in 1776 to rally public...
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