UNITED STATES—This is part two in my satirical Thomas Paine series. His words motivated Washington’s troops on Christmas Day when they were freezing and thought all hope was lost, but continued marching for freedom.

While I am not calling for female domination, my words ARE true nonetheless…

Early 1900s Anti-Child labor Poster, Wikimedia Commons
Early 1900s Anti-Child labor Poster, Wikimedia Commons

To my fellow-gendered humans,

I put the following writing into your hands. It contains my opinion about the current state of our children and the world we ARE making for them. She who denies that mothering is at the core, if not wholly responsible for the state our youth is in today, is not using their free and independent mind, in this AGE OF REASON.

The last I wrote was an account of our American Crisis and the oppression that bred female complacency. It took countless centuries for church AND Man to indoctrinate Woman with learned hate, helplessness, and superiority. With threats of future doom and the force of a HEAVY HAND Man proved that he was both master of slaves and master of everyone else in his home.

Our current psyche is that from a succession of multiple broken minds, further deteriorated by poverty and the ability of Man to label children as assets with potential for gain, or detriments: doomed to be a burden.

Over 100 years ago we bred large families for prosperity and as a free workforce. Now it is being done to accrue government benefits. Mothers are using long fought for equality in choosing to abandon their children as we see by the 2.5 million grandparents raising their grandchildren.

It is as if mothers are happily STEPPING in Man’s shoes, especially in regards to parenting. Mothers who once picked up the slack for a busy, neglectful, or absent fathers now CHOOSE to disregard duties that were once common of parenting.

Wikimedia Commons
5 wage-earners work from 4 a.m. to sunset, with Mother, Wikimedia Commons

After years of fighting for labor laws to protect youth, successfully stopping man from capitalizing on his own children, we now see families REAPING Social Security benefits by having children who are later diagnosed with various debilitating disorders. Worse yet they are MADE TO BE addicted to prescription drugs that, in turn, give greater chances for substance abuse in adulthood.

All in order to make it easier for the overburdened parent by dulling the child-like energy that we once harnessed into proper outlets of learning, hobbies, and chores.

Now, when a diagnosis is made and the checks start coming: the child is excused from trying, from STRIVING to be more or better. It is this process causing man-made disabilities by the time the child is old enough to leave home. By this point they are disabled, EVEN IF THEY WERE NOT to begin with.

JUST AS farm children had physical disabilities by age 18 as a result of being overworked, many children exploited for Social Security Disability become indoctrinated to believe they are “LESS THAN” and so DO become mentally disabled.

It has taken four centuries to cultivate the state of despair we see today, and it need not take 400 more to turn it around.

There is one thing we have learned from these centuries of Man’s law, and it is what NOT to do.

No Man or Woman can deny that the origin of this nation was based on a set of rules made by Man, and for Man’s own benefit. Knowing this as true is to admit that we should rethink the foundations that gave birth to this society we now live in.

This is no longer a British nation but an America THAT IS truly equal for all colors, (legal) creeds, and religions. OURS IS a land of independent citizens who bring with them knowledge that can be collectively UNITED in efforts to make a NEW AMERICAN ideal, one with citizens whose only definition is that which can be attributed to his and her own striving and choices.

Consider this a 21st century Declaration of Sentiments. JUST AS we collectively fought to END the supremacy of Man, we will now stand and prepare to FIGHT!

  • We will FIGHT for the rights of children that never asked to be born into abuse-filled homes.
  • We will FIGHT those that exploit children for a CHECK.
  • We will FIGHT those whose laziness breeds mental disorders and incompetence.
  • We will FIGHT parents that teach LEARNED HELPLESSNESS, RACISM, and HATE.
  • We will FIGHT ANYONE that is caught indoctrinating the fragile mind of our youth with prohibitive morals, maladaptive behaviors, and illogical thought processes.