HOLLYWOOD—It truly felt like the end was near on the latest episode of “Power Book II: Ghost.” Why? SPOILER ALERT, some people died and some secrets were unveiled that will change everything. This week’s episode, ‘Sacrifice’ saw the walls beginning to close in for Tariq, Davis, Diana, Effie, Cane, Monet, Dru and anyone entangled in their drug empire mess. Things kicked off with Davis in a drunken state of mind after his brother, Theo severed ties with him over his illegal antics.

Saxe talked his partner off the cliff, just as Tariq alerted Davis that Cooper is a CI for the feds. Davis was livid and ready to kill, but Tariq talked him down. At the police station, Davis created a diversion to alert Diana to stay mum and put the target on Effie’s back. Saxe took the bait and spilled that information to Blanca and Jenny who decided to tail Effie. Yeah, if you think you know everything, think again. Cane and Effie are indeed building a romance and I like it. I have done a complete 360 on both of these characters in the last season or so; I can’t believe out of everyone on this series these are the two I am rooting the highest for. The loyalty they have for one another is untenable.

Rashad continued to prove when it comes to politics and winning, he will do anything to win, including aligning with Weston Holdings despite warnings from his new and former lover, Harper Bennett. Harper sees the good in Rashad, despite him refusing to see it. He wants her to marry her to strengthen is political aspirations. She asked him to sever ties with Weston Holdings, but nope, he took that campaign donation and it looks like Rashad is about to become entangled in a financial mess that will not look good.

Davis may have made a mistake by telling Theo that Saxe is working with the feds. More on that later because it is indeed a doozy people. Tariq was doing his best to cleanup messes, and informed RSJ that Weston Holdings is a Ponzi scheme. RSJ learned that he lost all his money by investing in the company, as the two compared notes on a strategy to get their funds back and hold Lucas to the fire. Let’s just say it, it was nice to see some anger from RSJ as he put Lucas in his place, but Brayden may have severed a relationship with a family member that will not be repaired anytime soon.

Effie was tailed by the feds and arrested, but when the feds stormed that warehouse, all they found was sugar. Yes, egg on the faces of Jenny, Cooper and Blanca. Jenny was pissed and Saxe was dumbfounded. He hadn’t realized he was played until he was held at gunpoint by Theo in the back of his car. Things are not looking good for Cooper people and that is hurting my heart America. Doesn’t help when Jenny tells you that she cannot offer protection.

Dru was indeed spiraling with the demise of Gordo, as he lied to his brothers and mother about Gordo’s whereabouts. Making the situation worse is that Dru unraveled in a public sphere as he confronted Everett and was captured on tape. That video made its way back to Gordo’s mother and brother, who planned to further question Dru about Gordo’s sudden disappearance. Oh, this is about to become super messy, and you know who is responsible Monet. I cannot wait until Dru, Cane or Diana discover that Monet was responsible for Lorenzo’s murder, the fallout is going to be epic people.

Effie confronted Tariq and Monet about setting her up and an ominous threat was unleashed. Effie made it clear if they can set her up so easily, she can do the same to them. Tariq and Brayden had to pull strings to ensure Monet had her money back from Weston Holdings and she was not messing around. Got to admit the final moments of the episode were a treat, seeing Effie arrested and not realizing it was for attempted murder.

Seeing that window roll down and Effie coming face-to-face with Lauren was glorious TV. She was shell-shocked, so was Cane who spotted Lauren from a distance. Yeah, Lauren being alive and in the custody of the feds doesn’t bode well for anyone and I mean anyone. Making things worse is the fact that Effie is not facing intense pressure. She could squeal to protect herself, and think about it, why wouldn’t she turn Tariq in? He turned on her, it’s only fitting she returns the favor.

Tariq heard Cooper’s voicemail about Tasha and Yas’ whereabouts and alerted Davis. Davis was stressed to learn the clinical trial drug for his brother is not working. The dots were connected and Davis realized his brother kidnapped Saxe as retaliation. Yeah, if Cooper dies a lot of people are going to be screwed because eyes are going to be on all.

Diana wanted out of the drug game, but Monet was having none of it. Monet knew exactly what she was doing when she got Diana entangled in Detective Whitman’s murder. The thrill came in the final moments as Theo held Saxe at gunpoint with Davis and Tariq trying to talk him down. Nope. Theo fired a bullet right thru Saxe’s chest and the heart. Yeah, Cooper Saxe is dead people and this blow ups everything. That was not it; Theo turned the gun on himself, shooting himself thru the head in front of Davis and Tariq.

Yeah, that was a brutal scene to watch, and gut-wrenching for Davis because if he never shared that Intel about Saxe to his brother, both Saxe and Theo would still be alive today. The fallout is about to be huge people, but FYI there is no new episode this week, “Power Book II: Ghost” returns Friday, May 19.