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“The Oval” Recap: ‘Gathering Evidence’

HOLLYWOOD—So Kareem is not dead, that is the bomb that was dropped in last week’s cliffhanger on “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘Gathering Evidence’...

“The Oval” Recap: ‘Get A Grip’

HOLLYWOOD—Talk about being speechless, Sharon and Dale did not know what to say when Hunter Franklin walked into the pharmacy on the latest episode...

“The Oval” Recap: ‘Wicked’

HOLLYWOOD—The drama continues to erupt on “The Oval” and it picked up where last week’s episode ended with Kareem in major danger. This week’s...

“The Oval” Recap: ‘The Command Performance’

HOLLYWOOD—I honestly thought there was NO WAY, and I mean no way that Victoria and Hunter Franklin would be able to weasel out of...

“Empire” And “Star” Back For More Drama!

HOLLYWOOD—Two hit series on FOX which have been on hiatus, returned this week to the small screen for viewers. “Empire” the musical drama starring...

“Star,” Has Fire, But Lacks Punch

HOLLYWOOD—Man, I’ve seen more teasers and more trailers for this TV series than anything I can recall in the past 15 years. So it...
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