Tag: Tracy

“The Chi” Recap ‘Native Son’

HOLLYWOOD—Well Emmett’s marriage took a nosedive quickly on “The Chi.” Last week the truth was revealed and a few surprises as well. This week’s...

Battles Continue, Secrets Linger On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Things are definitely heating up on “General Hospital” people. Perhaps the biggest is the news that viewers have already known: Sonny Corinthos is alive...

The Abbott Clan Vs. Graham On “Young And Restless!”

HOLLYWOOD—The battle to save Dina Mergeron on “The Young and the Restless” has reached epic proportions. I was certain when the truth about Graham...

Paul Hornsby Gets Caught On “General Hospital”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, it has happened, but I did not expect it to happen that fast. Yep, things are moving quite fast on “General Hospital” as...
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