HOLLYWOOD—Well Emmett’s marriage took a nosedive quickly on “The Chi.” Last week the truth was revealed and a few surprises as well. This week’s episode, ‘Native Son’ followed up on those bombs with more bombs. Keisha was grappling with her latest doctor appointment where she avoided learning the sex of her child. Jake and Trig had a bit of drama as it became apparent the teen is attempting to be an adult and his older brother had to bring him back down to Earth.

Tiffany returned home where Emmett questioned her about spending time with Dante. She admitted she cheated on him without any regrets. It was a bold and stinging reveal people. Douda’s relationship with Tracy is indeed involving as he planned to give her money to help her organization. That conversation was interrupted by Trig who noted not having police in the community is going to lead to chaos.

Jada learned from her doctor that her breast cancer is aggressive and she needs to begin chemo immediately. It was a whirlwind of emotions for Jada; luckily she had Dre by her side to keep her secret. Jada did not want Emmett to know about her diagnosis and to be honest this is something Jada needs to reveal to her son. Hmm, that tease during the season four premiere has me wondering if Emmett being locked in that bathroom is the result of his mother dying from cancer.

Yeah, Dom you should be worried that you slept with Emmett and now Tiffany knows. Papa is thinking smart, with worries that rioting could lead to the destruction of Black owned businesses. Roselyn did her best to reason with her husband and his policies, but Marcus co-signed Douda’s decision to defund the police. Imani took a battered woman under her wing, and it is indeed apparent this woman is the heart of the series. It was apparent this woman was in serious danger and crying out to Imani to help her.

Jake and Kevin was not in the mood to be lectured by their teacher, just as Jemma continued to push her Black power movement, which Kevin was not the least bit interested in. However, Jake partaking in Jemma’s show started to build a bond between these two. Shine was stunned to learn that Imani is trans. Emmett walked in on an uncomfortable situation between Jada and her masseuse. Jada wanted to inform her son about her cancer, but he was too heated to listen.

Trig and Jada partnered together to get the community to contact them for help instead of 9-1-1 and the police. For once, someone finally called out Black on Black crime. Yes, something that needs to be voiced that sometimes goes ignored. Trig, Tracy and the community spoke about things they can do to decrease crime and help out their community. Hmm, this is interesting people ‘Community Protection.’ Man this is a riveting episode and Imani spoke a bit of truth about people staying quiet and not helping those in need. Looks like Trig’s first attempt to simmer down the fire amongst community issues ended with a punch to the face.

Keisha was a listening ear for Emmett who whined about issues in his world, ones that are not that serious to say the least. Keisha warned Emmett that Tiffany not speaking to him is something he should be worried about. Talking, if more people just talked instead of reacting with emotion, the world would be a better place people. Both Imani and Trig chatted about their struggles of the day. Imani asked Trig to help with a situation involving Nook and it led to some tension in their relationship. There is just so much going on in this episode people.

Jake shared how he felt about his interaction with the police as it seemed apparent that Kevin was annoyed by his talk with Jemma. Hmm looks like Roselyn and Marcus might be getting closer, just as Douda and Tracy got closer. The dialogue in this episode is just haunting me at the moment, touching on stuff that no one seems to talk about, but someone is actually getting it; they understand issues transpiring and impacting the community.

Here comes the tension: Tiffany and Dom finally came face-to-face after the truth was revealed. Dom was quiet, as Tiffany addressed the elephant in the room and there was an amicable solution between the two ladies. I was surprised to see that. Douda showed his support to the community, just as the weed infused food party was too much for Darnell. Kevin was antsy he had not heard from Jemma, just as Keisha continued to emotionally fracture, as the family set down to have dinner together.

Tiffany proposed an open marriage, which was something Emmett was not feeling. Danger alert, danger alert, as Douda and Tracy kissed passionately before they were busted red-handed by Roselyn as they decided to have sex. One would have expected the two to stop, but nope. They continued to have sex as Roselyn watched. Until next Sunday “The Chi” lovers!