HOLLYWOOD—Things are definitely heating up on “General Hospital” people. Perhaps the biggest is the news that viewers have already known: Sonny Corinthos is alive and well, but he is suffering from amnesia people. Not good for Sonny’s loved ones who think he has perished, but little do they know he is very much alive and kicking and with a face who is familiar to Port Charles: Phyllis Caulfield. Yes, the nurse who cared for Nina when she was in a coma people and is guiding Sonny on her mission to remember who he is and get back to his loved ones.

There are hiccups, for starters he thinks his name is Mike, the city PC has been hinted multiple times for Sonny, but no bells have rang yet and he got into a scuffle with a robber and saved the day, so that means Phyllis and her husband will be indebted to the mobster now. I wonder how long this tale is going to last because I sense for the oddest reason Carly is going to be leaning on Jax an awful lot, which makes me question what happens with him and Nina and that little secret he has been keeping people.

Yes, Nina has semi given up her quest to locate her long lost daughter, but little does she know she had been interacting with her all along before she perished in that fall, Nelle Benson people. Avery found that necklace, which Carly recovered and has been getting repaired by the jeweler. This bomb is just going to push Nina right back in Valentin’s arms people and it is because Carly is scared she will be viewed as a murderer if the truth comes to light people. Things only got more interesting this week with Josslyn inadvertently gave the necklace Carly confiscated from Avery back to Ava.

So Ava now has the proof that Nelle was Nina’s daughter and if she spots that necklace on Nina and the one that Avery had been clinging to get back fireworks are going to explode, which I think is very likely America. So Carly was shell-shocked to discover the mishap and asked for her mother’s assistance to get her hands back on that necklace.

Now that I think of it, Ava Jerome has done some horrid things and seems to skate by each time. I mean she murdered Connie Falconeri and got away with it, framed Carly with Nelle’s assistance helping placing her in the looney bin, and the biggest of them all was the tampering of Morgan’s meds that led to his death. Ava was reminded this week that you can repent for your sins, but they will never be forgotten as it was clear Joss wanted to toss that ‘sin’ right in her face and let’s be honest: she absolutely deserved it.

This all comes back to the major battle for Port Charles soul as Cyrus is about to unleash an onslaught of chaos if his mother Florence is not returned. Cyrus is dead set on the fact that Jason had his mother nabbed, but little does he know it was Carly. Someone took on rivals and signs were pointed to Cyrus, but that was not the case, which opens up another interesting narrative America. Jason has another problem: Franco. Remember when Franco asked his ‘brother’ to take him out if his tumor caused him to resort to the dark side. Seems Elizabeth knows something was up with that conversation, just as Sam connected dots about Franco’s mental outburst and Peter August.

Those wheels are churning yet again involving Peter’s downfall America and I wish they would speed up already. Sam will be floored when she learns what Peter did to Drew, here and everyone else, not to mention Sam and Olivia know Tracy was lying about Alexis driving behind the wheel drunk. With the walls closing in on Tracy the question remains what will she do. Confess the truth about Ned’s affair or try to remain silent. All this is transpiring while Finn ponders rather revealing the truth to Chase and his father about that tryst with Jackie. It is looking more and more likely that Finn is INDEED Chase’s father and that is going to explode in epic fashion once its revealed.

That is not all people because Chase and Willow seem to be rekindling their spark, just as Michael and Willow realized it was time to end their marriage. I thought Michael might get back with Sasha, but something tells me the writers are pushing Sasha with Brando, so Michael might be left out in the cold people. C’mon February sweeps because I feel like something epic is about to explode on “General Hospital.”