HOLLYWOOD—Secrets are being exposed in a major way on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” First off, Scott exposed Nina and Sonny’s love affair in Nixon Falls in the courtroom. Willow was under extreme stress and spilled the tea stunning, Carly and Michael in the process. Oh, the look on Carly’s face said it all: she was seething with rage and we’ve yet to get that face-to-face with Carly and Nina where I can already tell you a slap or a few slaps and harsh words are about to be traded.

Carly and Sonny’s marriage is indeed on the rocks, but at the same time. I’m going to be livid if this secret turns into a Nina and Sonny romance. I mean this twist was interesting when we discovered that Sonny had amnesia, but the chemistry between them is just not as strong as Carly and Sonny people. Not to mention the fact that some hints are pointing towards a possible Carly and Drew romance, but I don’t see that one as well people, but they need someone for Drew considering that Sam and Dante are a full blown couple at this point.

In addition, we have to discuss the big bad of the hour which is turning into Victor Cassadine. There was indeed a reason that Liesl Obrecht was so concerned about Victor because the guy is a villain that can easily maneuver himself behind the scenes and does it so effectively people. I mean he is after Laura for reasons I have yet to figure out, but with the latest stunner that was revealed to audiences about Luke Spencer, we might be getting closer to the truth and I’m wondering if another Cassadine could be rising from the dead very soon people.

Yeah, Tracy Quartermaine returned to Port Charles to drop the bomb on Laura who was an emotional mess, just as it became a direct clue to the audience that Victor may have played a role in Luke’s ‘demise.’ Yes, I place that in quotations because we have NOT seen a body people and whenever a body is NOT seen in the soap arena always caution on the edge that the person can be very much alive and kicking. It was great to see Tracy, Bobbie and some veterans return to the soap, but it was also telling that Tracy knew the moment she returned to the Quartermaine mansion that her granddaughter, Brook Lynn was hiding a whopper of a secret.

There is one thing you should know about Tracy is that she is one woman who you cannot bullsh** people. She sees through it from a million miles away. There is so much chaos taking place I don’t know what to say America. I mean you have Sean as the new owner of a publication and has Nikolas in his sights who was not pleased neither was Ava, but remember Nikolas doesn’t wanting anyone knowing about what he did to Hayden Barnes because if that secret comes out he will indeed be public enemy number 1 people.

I’m still curious to see when we will get to see Ryan Chamberlain, Esme and whatever partnership they have to come to fruition. There is something there, but it has been explored in small doses, the same as that burgeoning relationship between Alexis and Harmony. I mean Alexis Davis the teacher, tell me that is not interesting to say the least? Portia and Curtis took their relationship to the next level and something is telling me that Trina is Curtis’ daughter and when that truth comes out all hell is going to break loose. As is the fact that Stella has known for years that Marshall was alive and let Curtis think his father was dead.

Elizabeth and Finn are getting closer by the minute, as our Chase and Brook Lynn, but at the same time I’m sensing Spencer and Josslyn getting closer people. Hmm, that could set up an interesting dynamic.

Peter August is not in a coma anymore people and if the clues that have been teased are accurate, Peter will be on the run sooner than later. What does that mean? Peter still has an alliance with Victor who wants to learn the secret to Drew’s programming. Exactly why? We have no idea, but Peter wants Maxie and Louise and word has spread to Valentin that his supposed father came to visit Peter which has him worried, as well as Anna, Maxie and a host of others who want to see Peter dead.

Yeah, I do believe Peter will have a date with the Grim Reaper, which raises the question of a murder mystery which I’m certain “GH” wants to transpire people, just in time for February Sweeps.