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“Survivor” Recap: ‘This Is Where The Battle Begins’

HOLLYWOOD─At last we have finally reached the merge on “Survivor: Winners at War.” I will admit like plenty of fans that I know, this...

“Survivor” Recap: ‘We’re In The Majors’

HOLLYWOOD─Last week “Survivor” delivered one of the biggest blindsides since the epic bomb dropped on ‘David vs. Goliath,’ which saw John Hennigan taken out...

“Winners At War” Recap: ‘I Like Revenge’

HOLLYWOOD─There was a big blindside last week on “Survivor: Winners at War.” Sele is being decimated by the Dakal tribe, and Adam’s plan to...

“Winners At War” Recap: ‘Out For Blood’

HOLLYWOOD─Last week was a fun episode of “Survivor: Winners at War.” I mean we’ve only had two episodes, technically three if you count the...
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