HOLLYWOOD─At last we have finally reached the merge on “Survivor: Winners at War.” I will admit like plenty of fans that I know, this season does have a bit of a feel of ‘Game Changers’ which ended on such a sour note with many of our favorites going out pre-merge while those we never expected to stay in the game lasted longer than expected. I mean we’ve lost every single Old School player, and I find that super hard to be a coincidence. However, here is where we stand people, so there are still some people I’m rooting for: Denise, Tony, Sophie, Kim and Jeremy to be specific.

So the merge has happened, but before we get to that, we have the battle back from the Edge of Extinction that allows one of the players voted out the opportunity to come back into the game. It was a strenuous challenge, but one similar to the very first one we witnessed on season 38. People with advantages utilized them to get an edge on the victory. With that said, it was a major battle between Rob and Tyson. I honestly thought Rob had a chance of getting back into the game, but Tyson edged out the victory and returned to the game.

At the merge feast people chatted a bit too much. How so? Denise explained how she found a way to take out Sandra, which made Sophie raise her blinders that Denise has a resume and needs to go. It was obvious to Tyson that he was the odd ball out in the game being the only old school player amongst a group of newbies. Our new merge tribe, Koru was down and out because the rain was leaving some people miserable. Denise you really stuck a foot in your mouth by bragging a bit.

This immunity challenge was all about holding onto a pole, with Michelle and Adam being the first to fall. Jeff alerted that a man and woman would be victorious and each would earn a fire token. For the women it was Denise who won Individual Immunity. Denise needed it, otherwise she would have been a target. For the guys, it was Nick and Jeremy fighting for the win, and Jeremy came out on top. Jeremy has a ton of fire tokens people. Jeremy had his eyes on Nick of all people and that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever; Jeremy you have much bigger targets in the game that you should be going after.

Let the strategizing begin people, with Nick and Wendell being on the radar of lots of people. This is a game of socializing, you’re supposed to talk to people, Ben. Oh, that guy has an ego way bigger than what he should; it reminds me why Chrissy should have won over him in season 35. Nick tossed out Adam’s name. Wow, Sophie totally pegged that Jeremy and Wendell were pals and it was tossed out, which Ben told Jeremy who was worried. This is crazy, everyone wants people who are not playing a big game, Adam started to worry and he had a reason to be.

This Tribal Council seemed to deliver no clues as to what would actually transpire. Wow, I actually thought Adam was about to get the boot, but it was Wendell, Nick, Jeremy and Michele who found themselves blindsided. That was indeed unexpected people. Looks like all is not as it seems people, as Wendell delivered a fire token apiece to Nick and Michele. Now this is the game I want to see, blindsides, deception and strategy at its core.

Let me just say, Sophie was hands down the reason Wendell was sent packing. That woman is smart as hell and pinpointed exactly what the guys are doing by keeping big targets at the game and pinpointing relationships among people that the audience knows, but others in the game do not.