HOLLYWOOD—We can all argue that the “Taken” franchise has made Liam Neeson the newest action-star on the planet. When the first flick exploded on the screen in 2008, it was a surprise hit at the box-office and a favorite for movie lovers.

The tale chronicled an ex-operative and his hunt to track down his daughter who was kidnapped by sex traffickers while overseas. Not only was the picture a fun action-flick, it shed some light on an issue that is quite prevalent in the world, sex trafficking.

Its sequel, found our hero and his wife and daughter vacationing once again overseas, and this time his wife and himself being taken by people looking for vengeance. So what does the third installment have in store for audiences? “Taken 3” finds Bryan Mills (Neeson) on the run from authorities after his wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) is murdered and he is framed for it.

Yeah, I did find the narrative of this third entry to be a bit far-fetched, but only so many people can be ‘taken’ before the series runs itself into the ground. So it was a nice little twist to see our hero being chased by the authorities in the states, while trying to catch the people responsible for his wife’s murder.

Tagging along for the journey is his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace), and Forest Whitaker as Inspector Franck Dotzler, who is determined to nail Mills for the murder. The movie has a few twists and turns as we learn some secrets about Lenore’s hubby, Stuart (Dougray Scott) and a operative just as skilled as Bryan himself.

The fun of “Taken 3” is that the film doesn’t take itself too seriously; its popcorn fun and audiences love it. The action sequences are indeed spectacular and full of eye-popping stunts that will leave alpha males wanting more and more.

Luc Besson proves his craft as a writer and producer being responsible for the first two installments in the franchise, as well as its third chapter, which gives the inclination to the audience this is the final hurrah. I have a feeling that might not be the case considering the impressive box-office debut to more than $40 million this past weekend.

If you’re looking for that primitive escape and a film that is not too heavy in twisting your mind to think “Taken 3” is the perfect treat. It won’t earn any Oscars, but it does exactly what a movie should do, which is enjoyment.