BEVERLY HILLS — The City of Beverly Hills is announcing the development of Team Beverly Hills (BH), an interactive and educational program intended to inform individuals of their local government representatives departments and programs, community associations and current community issues.  The new program is intended to create an environment that nurtures and encourages leadership, participation and responsibility by the City’s citizenry.  The new program’s vision is to create and maintain an informed, energetic and diverse resource for community involvement and leadership roles.


32 applicants of the program, (30 residents chosen by the City Council/lottery and two by the Beverly Hills Unified School District) will be chosen for the new Team.  During a five-month period BH members will meet on 10 occasions and participate in a variety of tours, presentations and demonstrations.  The city lists the following as highlights of former programs:


1)     Lectures by City officials and representatives (Mayor and City Council members, City Treasurer City Attorney, City Manager, City Department Heads from Building and Safety Engineering, Emergency Services, Finance, Information Technology, Library, Planning, Public Works, Recreation and Parks and Transportation Departments, including Police Chief and Fire Chief), along with community, local business and education leaders.


2)    Open dialogue with City officials, City representatives and community/business leaders that will allow participants an understanding of issues opportunities and challenges that are presented to the city


3)    Presentations and interactive demonstrations


4)    Walking and driving tours of City facilities and public/private sites


5)    Informal gatherings (for networking between Team members, City officials and representatives and community/business leaders)


6)    Recognition and graduation program for current BH members and all Alumni members


The following are the listed as the program’s objectives:


1)    To develop a resource of participants for future commissions, committees, programs and projects for the benefit of the city

2)    To build, nurture and use leadership potential in the community


3)    To familiarize community members with all areas of government, business, education and service industries


4)    To involve community members in community activities, projects and endeavors


The Team Beverly Hills program was created in 1996 and now consists of 392 Alumni members.  As more community members receive more education through the program, the city may benefit as Alumni continues to look for opportunities to participate and to provide assistance for existing civic and community organizations and agencies.  The city may experience long-term benefits that will comprise a growing network and resource of community leaders, and continue to establish a stronger rapport between the city and its government.


To learn more, contact 310-285-1023 or