BEVERLY HILLS—The Team Beverly Hills deadline is coming soon. Applications are due on June 12. The applications are available either online or in the form of a PDF.

Canyon News spoke with Heather Sumagaysay, Publicist of the City of Beverly Hills via email. When asked what some of the goals of the Team Beverly Hills program were Sumagaysay responded, “TEAM Beverly Hills is a hands-on leadership program designed to create an environment that nurtures leadership, encourages participation in a wide variety of activities and volunteer opportunities within the community, and promotes a sense of responsibility by the City’s citizenry.”

The program will consist of 42 residents. Forty of those residents will be chosen by city council and two residents will be selected by the school district.

The residents that will be selected to be in the program will attend the program for six months. During the six month period, there will be 10 events. Team members will attend and participate in demonstrations, presentation and tours.

When asked how beneficial the program is to the city, Sumagaysay responded, “The benefits of this program have been remarkable. Most notable is the ever increasing number of available and educated volunteers, and the increasing number of graduates of the program, including City Commissioners and elected officials.”

The program will help build network and increase connection between members and alumnus. The program was developed in 1996, and 536 residents graduated from the program.

The program helps residents understand how city government works and gives experiences behind the scenes of the city to the works of the local government.  According to the program, “many graduates volunteer at City events, sit on committees, currently serve or have served on City commissions, assist with neighborhood projects and offer invaluable service to local non-profit organizations.”