COLUMBUS, GA—Jayvon Hatchett, 19, attacked an AutoZone employee near his home in Columbus, Georgia around 8:36 a.m. on Tuesday, August 25.

Hatchett walked into the AutoZone store and asked the 51-year-old worker for a thermostat. The worker stated they did not have them at the store and as he walked away, Hatchett stabbed the employee seven times in the neck, back, chest, and hands before fleeing. The worker was taken to the hospital in critical condition. There has been a GoFundMe created to help raise his medical funds.

Hatchett appeared before Judge Julius Hunter for his arraignment and was charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon on Thursday, August 27. He ordered Hatchett to also have a mental health evaluation completed and declined to issue him bond. The case is set to be taken to the Superior Court. He is currently held at the Muscogee County Jail.

“Hatchett smiled at officers when they came to arrest him at his home and he later confessed to stabbing the employee,” Columbus Police Sgt. R.S. Mills testified in the court on Thursday.

According to the police, Hatchett stated that he “felt the need to find a white male to kill.” His statements also included watching hours of Facebook videos of police brutality prior to the attack and was angered by the clips he had seen on social media. Three days prior to the stabbing, Hatchet was freed on bond following a criminal charge for damage to property. He was arrested six months ago due to two felonies involving aggravated assault.