UNITED STATES—Temptation is something we will always battle against. No matter how old, how wise, how intelligent you are temptation is always going to be part of your life. Temptation can be good, it can be evil, but truth be told, when have you ever had a temptation that was actually a good thing. That’s right you don’t. Recently, I have given up caffeinated drinks. It was NOT easy for me, but the first few days were difficult because you have that craving and it is hard to shake a craving when you have one people.

However, after more than a week, I don’t miss the sugary, caffeine high drinks that have a worse impact on the body than you realize. It might taste good going down, but after a few days, few weeks, few months or a few years, you realize the danger of having too much of something as it starts to impact your body and how it operates. The key is once you get over that struggle period it becomes easier and easier each day. To be honest, I have never been closer to water than I have been of late why?

It flushes my system, allows rehydration of blood cells, my skin feels cleaner and less oily and my body just feels better if that makes any sense whatsoever people. I’m starting to cut out bad habits and replacing them with actual good habits as a result. So by fighting temptation it actually helps you do good in the process.

Temptation is just not about foods and cravings that you have it can also be linked to reckless behavior. Don’t place yourself in situations where you will have to explain things later or be forced to navigate a dicey predicament that you would have NEVER been placed into if you never allowed yourself to be placed in that predicament. You know wrong when you see it, so stay away from it, no matter how tempting it may be because of that rush that you get from living dangerous, the consequence could outweigh the thrill that initiates it.

By being tempted it teaches us how powerful we are at resisting things and given up easily when a carrot is dangled in front of our faces people. Just because the carrot is in front of you doesn’t mean you have to bite it. Remember that ideology about the forbidden fruit. If only Eve had not been tempted by that apple, who knows what the world would be like. You soon discover your mind is way more powerful than you can ever imagine. If you tell yourself that you don’t want something, you can’t do something and you are going to commit to something you can make it happen.

If you fail once, it is not the end of the world that is the thing about temptation, the goal is to see what you are willing to sacrifice to accomplish something rather it’s short-term or long-term.

Written By Jason Jones