UNITED STATES−Techniques of Propaganda was a class taught in the old Milford High School in 1982, a year before the closing of the school.

The political realm has been using techniques of propaganda for ages through the art of distraction. We learned what Nixon allowed to happen during his time as President. It was a big scandal. Efforts to impeach President Nixon were as prevalent then, as the efforts were to impeach President Bill Clinton.

In 82′ facts were used from the 1968, Richard Nixon Debate. News of Watergate blasting out of our fat-backed TVs was something we could all relate to. Today, they delve into the lives of the stars like Angelina Jolie.

When the Watergate trials were going on, there was no talk of leaving the impeached President in the White House or using him and his family for political gain in the future. Nixon was removed from office, but he served no time.

The Clinton foundation went on to work overseas and provided more accessible abortion services to Africa. The former first lady was permitted to run as President which, had she won, would have brought, the impeached Bill Clinton back into the White House.

The art of distraction was used more by the Democrat party during the reign of President Trump than in any time in history. From the moment former President Donald and the First Lady, Melania Trump announced the Trump nomination, the fight was on. Nancy Pelosi began speaking of the impeachment of President Trump before he was ever even elected.

The Epstein trials blared across the television screens only until the realization that Trump was not one of the guilty parties.

There were documented flight logs that showed former President Bill Clinton on the plane to what was referred to as Epstein’s Island. Distraction. What happened to all of the victims? Isn’t anyone going to be prosecuted?

Today, the House and the Senate are dominated by the Democrat party. While they are in power, the Biden administration is attempting to pass a law that keeps Republicans from being able to challenge elections that may contain fraud. The “We the People Act,” at a closer look, may not be for the people at all.

2019 Congressional Session

The unfortunate death of longtime Florida Congressman, Alcee Hastings (D-FL), has left another congressional seat open. The state of Florida has a strong Republican Presence. President Trump, the leader of the Republican party resides in Florida.

Florida also has Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican favorite as another potential Presidential nominee. The political attacks against DeSantis began at the mention of his name as a potential 2024 Republican candidate.

The attacks against, Congressman, Matt Gaetz (R-FL)  began soon after. The accusations being of a sexual nature demands Justice, but only if you are a threat to the powers that be.

Matt Gaetz is being investigated while Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged Madam for Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring is reportedly permitted to use her laptop 13 hours a day while refusing to clean her cell or flush her commode. Distraction.