HOLLYWOOD—This sixth season of “The Chi” is turning out to be way more entertaining than I ever expected. This week’s episode, ‘Boyz II Men’ witnessed the aftermath of prom where bombs were dropped left and right between Papa, Lynae, Bakari and so many others as Douda continued to make more and more enemies in his blaze of evil.

Kiesha confronted Emmett about the dirty money he’s holding for Douda. She called him out on the fact that danger comes with Douda. Kiesha was not pleased, and it seems Emmett is starting to wake up a little bit, but I’m starting to suspect this is a little too late. Emmett got a hard taste of reality with Kiesha informing her lover that she was leaving him. Victor found himself being questioned by the Feds about Quinton’s murder.

Yeah, Victor, the evidence they have on you is not looking good, and the feds have all the Intel and it’s just a question of when they will pull the trigger. Emmett paid Darnell a visit to commiserate about the situation involving Douda and questions were raised. Darnell hit it right on the tail; Emmett you are not about that street life, at all! What the hell are you doing Darnell? Why would you even give him that gun back!?

I was not expecting graduation to come this fast as Kevin, Lynae, Papa and Jake were dressed in their gear to take their graduation pictures. Bakari found himself getting beat up by Douda for losing his vehicle. Victor was worried that all his political aspirations could blow up in smoke if he confesses the truth to the Feds. Fatima was not pleased with the bombs being dropped on her potential future. Papa interviewed his father Jackson for his podcast where some hard hitting questions were answered.

Jada confessed to Darnell that she is worried about Emmett, and she has the right intuition, which prompted Darnell to struggle with rather to tell his wife the truth about their son. Bakari apologized to Nina about Lynae getting caught up in a situation, but the bruises on his face caused Nina to be concerned. Jamal also got a look at Bakari’s bruised face as it became clear he had plans to school the youngster on the dangers of the streets. Jackson gave some advice to Victor about his situation and warned Victor that Douda is the reason the city is in so much danger. Hmmm, is that a bit of foreshadowing that Douda’s death could be imminent before the season wraps?

Emmett pulled a gun on Douda and dared the young man to pull the trigger, but it resulted in Emmett getting whacked with the gun. The danger is no joke, it’s more wicked now than ever before. Emmett wanted to pay Douda his money back and sever ties, but that was not good enough for Douda who threatened to kill Emmett if he tested him. Ok, Emmett puffed his chest enough that it scared Douda to a degree.

Marcus chatted with Jema about her college aspirations, while Tierra did her best to give the youngster some advice. Jamal schooled Bakari to start to care about his life. Bakari delivered a bit of truth as he confessed Lynae is what is keeping him pushing in life. Victor decided to confess the truth to Rob about Douda murdering Q. Victor explained that Douda finished his uncle off, and Rob was heated, but it became apparent that Victor sees the walls closing in. So is Rob about to pull the trigger on Douda? This episode is totally giving me that feeling. It feels like Dre’s former flame doesn’t get that no means no.

Bakari’s world was turned upside down when he received a visit from his sister, who might be a bright spot for his future. This is an interesting dynamic that is about to change things as we know it, just as Fatima and Victor grappled with telling the truth to Jake about his situation with the Feds. Rob spilled to his mother he knows who killed Q; Alicia was not pleased to learn that it was Otis aka Douda, which worried Rob, but it was apparent Alicia has gotten her hands dirty on more than one occasion. Damn, his mother is cold.

Kevin dropped news on Nina and Dre that he is planning to move to Los Angeles. Nina felt like she was losing the people around her. Dre was happy for Kevin, Nina not so much. Papa found himself in shock with the news from Kenya that she has a child. Is Papa ready to be a stepdad? I think not, but he’s making progress. Papa dropped news to his father that Kenya has a child. Jackson laid down the law to Papa about dating Kenya, and it became clear the parents are setting the rules, the kids are not listening, and I’m worried about the fate of a few people.

Victor’s group meeting allowed the guys to drop plenty of drama that is erupting in their lives. It started with Shaad who admitted he is worried that he is falling back into his old ways. This meeting is quite productive and eye-opening. Emmett divulged his trouble, which worried Darnell. Yeah, his dad can sense something dangerous is about to erupt. Bakari confessed that he saw his sister recently. Victor asked his guys to pray for him, but Jake not being a religious guy, learned his brother just wants him to trust him.

Maisha was not pleased with the news that Kevin is planning to leave Los Angeles. It looks like he is leaving, but she plans to stay in Chicago. Well the actual graduation of the students is upon us, but things were disturbed by the appearance of Douda. Shaad and Victor stood their ground. It became evident to Jackson that Otis struck Bakari and he was not pleased.

The family dinner between Papa, Jackson, Bakari and his mother was intense, as Papa walked out as his father forbid him from dating a woman with a child. Papa decided to walk out of his father’s house, and something tells me this will be the end of Papa and Jackson because tragedy is going to strike. Bakari’s sister met Lynae at a house party celebrating the grads. Maisha realized that there are other female rappers that could be a threat to her, which caught Jemma’s eye, who was looking at another artist.

As I expected the final moments of the episode witnessed Jackson being strangled to death by one of Douda’s goons. I had the feeling at the start of the episode, but to get the confirmation changes everything. Yeah, Douda is meeting his maker this season. The question is who will commit the deed. Until next week, “The Chi” fanatics!