HOLLYWOOD—Yes, the title alone of this week’s episode of “The Chi” had me thinking I was about to watch a horror flick. Last week things ended on epic cliffhangers, with Otis aka Douda being shot and Kevin spotting Jemma and Jake kissing. This week’s episode, ‘Candyman’ picked up with where that drama left off, with Otis’ shooter being revealed as a face from the past a big one to say the least America. Talk about being speechless, I never expected that culprit in a million years and for viewers I’m NOT going to reveal the culprit, just watch the episode and be prepared to be stunned.

Otis was rushed to the hospital after Roselyn discovered his bloody body and his fate is to be determined. In the classroom Kevin was annoyed with Jake and Jemma so much to the point that he started a fight with his former bestie and also assaulted his teacher in the process. Yeah, not a good move Kevin, Nina is NOT going to be happy to say the least people. Dre tried to talk some sense into Kevin who was suspended indefinitely as a result of his actions, while Nina was just over her son’s antics. This needed to happen to shake Kevin’s world because to be honest he was indeed spiraling out of control.

Papa considered cancelling his podcast because of his inability to get high-caliber guests. Roselyn sat by her hubby’s bedside as it was apparent he was in a fight for his life. There was still a bit of tension between Dom and Tiffany, who was looking to expand on their partnership on a larger scale. Keisha was back to work after giving birth to a baby, trying to move on with her life. Papa tried to arrange a truce between Jake, Kevin and Jemma. However, Papa was more interested in drawing some attention for his podcast. Jada had a bit of company with Tiffany and Emmett who wanted to have a watching eye on their loved one.

Kevin and Jemma were at odds about their business, as he aired his grievances and the level of betrayal he felt from Jake his pal of years. It was apparent Kevin was hurting exponentially and it exploded into a shouting match. Things are healing between Imani and Trig which is great people. Otis was healed enough to want to leave the hospital, as Roselyn was frustrated with her hubby not following doctor’s orders. A date was indeed in the works for Keisha and her new co-worker.

Dre forced Kevin to become part of the community effort to help those in need. It was apparent that Myeisha was in the spotlight more than Papa expected and he is battling against that. There is trouble in paradise for another couple people. Trig walked in on Jake and Jemma getting too close to comfort and decided it was time to have a talk people. Kevin ran into a troubled girl who could be the solution to his broken heart with Jemma. Trig chatted with his brother about wanting to get to know women, not just trying to sleep with them for the sake of sleeping with them.

Jada broke down in tears of trying to be strong for everyone else in her time of crisis. As a result, Dre was the shoulder for her to cry on. However, that was leading to problems as Nina spotted her wife comforting Jada. Too bad Nina has no clue that Jada is battling cancer and that Dre is not romantically linked to another woman. Jemma is indeed moving a bit fast with boys if we’re being honest as her father was worried who his daughter was hanging out with.

Keisha was suffering from a bit of PTSD and her co-worker managed to help her cope with her stress, anxiety and fear. Tracy came to see Otis after her request for additional funds to police the community was denied, but we know that denial was a result of Roselyn people. Business seems to be booming for Tiffany and Dom. While drinking alone, Dre was accosted by another woman, one played by rapper, Da Brat. Nina NOOOO! Nina cheated on Dre and it is all a misunderstanding people.

Nina confronted Dre about what has been going on, and she finally dropped the bomb that Jada has cancer. Nina was flabbergasted by the news and the realization that her wife is NOT cheating on her. Jada does indeed have someone by her side: her boyfriend, who has been there every step of the way in her journey. So we have confirmation that Keisha had a boy and that she is ambivalent about her child. When given the opportunity to hold her son, while hesitant, Keisha held her bundle of joy. Bonding and shedding tears in the process.

Papa decided he didn’t want to work with Myeisha anymore, just as she delivered a bomb telling him that she want to take time apart. Yeah, love is splintering left and right in this week’s episode. Kevin and Keisha bonded as he gave his sister a gift for his nephew. Keisha is indeed healing people. Nina was reeling with her betrayal, but the question is rather she will reveal the truth? During his disciplinary meeting, Kevin pleaded his case to his school’s principal asking for a chance to atone for his sins. However, that apology was not enough, as Kevin learned that he’s been expelled. His life is about to change people and in major ways.

The cancer was indeed tackling Jada as her hair started to fall out. Keisha dropped a bomb on Nina telling her that she wants her baby back. Did I expect that? No, but it totally changes the situation people. Things are about to get messy America. Until next Sunday “The Chi” lovers!