HOLLYWOOD—This was a terrific, perhaps one of the best episodes, of “The Chi” that I have seen in years. It was a mix of trauma, emotion, drama, dynamic alliances shifting and what is certain to be talked about for days. This week’s episode, ‘Long Live’ witnessed the aftermath of Preacher Jackson’s death. Yes, Jackson was strangled to death in last week’s episode, and Papa was delivered that news, and the opening of the episode was haunting.

Papa inside his father’s church did his best to grapple with the fact that his last conversation with his father was an argument; one that ended with him storming out the house ending things on bad terms with his dad, who he looked up to like a titan. Kevin and Jake did their best to console Papa, but there was nothing they could do, and that was the power of the writing. Sometimes when a person is mourning, they sometimes just need to be alone. They don’t want to talk, they don’t want you to do anything, they just want you to be there. Which Jake and Kevin did just as Kevin was preparing to move to Los Angeles, with Emmett helping him pack his items, into the apartment he just moved into, FYI.

Emmett had his other struggles as Kiesha was ready to move out because of her lover’s decision to launder dirty money. She is worried about her safety and that of her family as a result of this move and confronted Emmett about this. Emmett pleaded that he planned to make things right, but Kiesha was spiraling. She had a meeting with her therapist where bombs were dropped, and it was a big one. Kiesha was grappling with her emotions, and a chat with Nina revealed some things that might sever the bond between mother and daughter.

Nina admitted she never wanted to be a mother, and that threw Kiesha for a loop, raising the question as to what exactly was the therapist aiming to do here. Kiesha was busy making moves as she requested Nuck ensure her family is protected at all costs. Yes, this is a connection that makes Emmett unhappy. Not saying Kiesha has a torch, but it’s obvious Nuck feels responsible for Kiesha being kidnapped and it has resulted in him perhaps going against Douda’s wishes.

Yeah, the walls are beginning to close around Douda as I expected. Bakari is truly seeing the light after Jackson was murdered, and he knows Nuck or another protégé of Douda committed the deed. He pulled a gun on Nuck, but was unable to pull the trigger. Yes, the introduction of Bakari to the series and the growth of this character in the past 2 seasons has been phenomenal to watch. Is he ready to strike for revenge? We shall see.

Let’s talk about Papa a bit because he was lashing out as he grieved, first at Bakari, blaming the goons that he worked for leading to his father’s demise, to giving the cold shoulder to Kenya who tried to support her boyfriend. Again, people grieve in various ways and I appreciated how the writers decided to highlight that grief this time around. It was quite powerful.

Maisha realized that Jemma is more focused on her own growth and not hers, as the focus to sign Bakari’s sister was a mission for Jemma as her father pushed her to make something happen ASAP. In another massive development, Deja was not pleased to see Shaad was holding a cache of weapons in her home, just as someone tried to break into the house. She was scared and it made her see her lover in a new light. She wanted those weapons out and she wanted them out ASAP. Shaad, I get WHY you grabbed the entire bag of weapons. Should have grabbed just one and left the rest of the bag in that vent. He gave them to Bakari who stashed them in Lynae’s closet. Oh, this is not good.

The arrogance of Douda showing up to Jackson’s funeral, come on. That was tough and vicious and I only want this character to get his comeuppance more than ever. Thankfully he was removed and only showed to the community more of his guilt in Jackson’s death. Victor is considering proposing to Fatima and talked to her friends about that move, and it could happen, it may not.  Jake had a point and the candlelight vigil for the community proved that. Victor is learning spilling the truth about Douda to save himself is the right thing to do. He can’t help the community if he’s locked up. Next week looks like some major shifts are about to erupt as the season finale of season sixth of “The Chi” dawns.