HOLLYWOOD—The ending of last week’s episode of “The Chi” was perhaps the best part. It was setting the stage for the chaos that is headed towards Emmett’s way. This week’s episode, ‘Mo Douda, Mo Problems’ echoed that sentiment. Victor was adjusting to his first day as Chicago’s newest City Councilmember. However, he received a visit from Jamal, Lynae’s brother unexpectedly in his office. He has reformed himself; he is now a man of God.

Keisha confronted Emmett about his behavior, and for the first time in a long time, Emmett is being forced to grow up and be an actual adult. Keisha is good for Emmett; she forces him to see the error in his ways; a way that Tiffany never did. Tiffany had a meeting with Dante about a possible new connection, one that she was not pleased to entertain. Looks like Dante still has a thing for Tiffany, even though she is in a serious relationship with Rob.

Shaad decided to start up a new business venture with the help of Deja who taught him the world of business and how to close a deal. Maisha had chats with Jema about the importance of another hit single and she got an opportunity she didn’t expect. The conversation I was expecting to see, Darnell schooling his son on being careful about being in business with Douda and the danger that comes.

Yeah, Douda has his hands in many pots, including Tiffany’s new boo. This notion of trying to escape the clutches of the Devil seems nearly impossible. Jake was well aware that Kevin was chatting with a ‘mystery girl’, little does he know it is Maisha, Papa’s former flame. Emmett saw a home at the bequest of Douda but was weary of making a move before speaking with Keisha.

Victor connected Jamal with Tracy hoping to turn a new leaf and help the city. The one problem is that Jamal seems smitten by Tracy, which means he’s about to become entangled with Douda also. Papa and Jabari were schooled by his father, and he spoke a bit of truth. His father has done dirty things in the past even if he refuses to see it. Jabari is part of Papa’s family, and it was something that shook him to the core to hear; it was a moment to say the least.

Jema is good at what she does when it comes to managing her artists, even if she only has one at the moment. Victor had a conversation about a direction that he can take to help those besides serving as a politician. Jabari had a conversation with Shaad who gave him some advice on being careful about the people he works with. Jabari tried to woo Shaad, but Shaad made it clear that dealing with the wrong people can lead to a path of destruction or death.

Lynae learned from Victor that his brother Jamal wants to see her and the walls were up to ensure her safety. Looks like Papa’s new crush is more like him than he imagined. Jamal gave some serious advice to Lynae about the choices she makes in life and the consequences that can come with them. Douda and company decided to pay a visit to Papa’s dad and decided to deliver a donation, but he wasn’t biting at all. Bakari spotted from a distance what Douda was up to with Stanley, but it was good to see Stanley stand his ground and resist temptation. Douda issued a threat, and it became clear Bakari might be seeing what Shaad warned him about.

Tiffany and Rob met with Dante’s new connection11, who wanted to school them on how to grow their own weed, and wanted to see if he would be willing to invest in them. It looks like Tiffany and Rob are looking to become their own bosses, which could create problems for Douda. Well, this is an interesting development, we finally meet Rob’s mother, who is filthy rich, and guess who is portraying the matriarch, actress Lynn Whitfield.

Guess who is Q’s sister, Rob’s mother, which means that is Rob’s uncle; she wants her son to find her brother’s killer, and guess what, its Douda! Oh, “The Chi” you have my full attention. It looks like Douda’s takedown could be upon us. Until next Sunday “The Chi” lovers!