HOLLYWOOD—Ok, America, we are three episodes into season five of “The Chi” and I’m starting to worry a bit. Why might you ask? It is giving me flashes of season four that started strong and then seemed to fizzle. This season is fizzling to begin and I wondering if and when the spark or the fire will start to ignite people. I felt there were minor flashes towards the end of the season premiere episode, but not much sense. There is a bit of too much happy go lucky for my liking and this is a drama, so guess what: I want to see some drama.

Last week’s episode was all about getting into the Christmas spirit and this week’s episode, continued that notion and I hate to say it: I was bored. Emmett and Tiffany have signed the divorce papers so they are officially over and free to date other people. For those NOT in the know Tiff had already moved on and was housing up with her supplier Rob, who is smitten by her. Rob appears to be a traditionalist and Tiff is fighting him on some expectations that she has for him.

Tiffany is an interesting character because I see her as someone who wants to be in a relationship, but doesn’t want to be tied down to that relationship. She likes her freedom and in a relationship, you can’t just go out and play and not expect people to question what you are doing. Tracy and Douda are still hooking up, but it’s apparent to the viewer that Tracy is skeptical people.

However, Douda knows how to make her smile like his massive donation to the ROCK center to ensure meals and gifts were provided for those in need for the Christmas holiday. Yeah, I understood the relevance of Tracy in season 1 (I mean her son was murdered), but ever since then it feels like the writers don’t really know what to do with that character. Kevin is still holding tight to his crush as he did his best to deliver a Xmas wish to his new roommate by ensuring she gets a call from her brother. However, all doesn’t end well, as her brother found himself in the slammer people.

Trig, excuse me, Victor has agreed to Douda and Tracy’s plan to help him run for City Council. That means putting out false photos and giving the impression he is in a new relationship that his mother was surprised to hear about. Yeah, I think the fake relationship is going to ultimately turn into a real relationship America. With that said, I thought Imani might pop back up, but I sense that character might be gone for good, and if she does return we will NOT see her until near the end of the season as a curveball to Victor and his entry into the political scope.

Papa looks like he might start hanging out with the wrong crowd, particularly that kid that murdered Ronnie and I fear the path that Papa is venturing down America. Jake was pretty much MIA this episode for the most part, just as Suede and Jada’s relationship looks kaput. Why? He was ready to propose, but Jada was not ready for that marriage people. In other relationship news, Emmett and Kiesha shared a very steamy kiss as she helped him prepare the house for Christmas. It looked like they were about to take things to the next level, but both stopped themselves.

This may have been the most intriguing element of the episode because Emmett and Kiesha have a past and I wonder how Tiffany will respond to her friend now hooking up with her ex. Is Kiesha breaking the girl code? Some would argue yes, and I think things will get messy. Until next Sunday “The Chi” fanatics.