HOLLYWOOD—I thought last week’s premiere episode of “The Chi” was fantastic! Gripping, edge of your seat, the perfect way to kick off a new season. This second episode, not so much, but there were some developments worth discussing. I couldn’t believe that Douda actually kidnapped Victor thinking he was involved in trying to kill him. Just as Victor stated, if he was pulling a trigger on him, he wouldn’t have missed.

Besides, Douda you already know who tried to kill you: it was Emmett and Rob. Speaking of Rob, he was forced to barter a deal with Douda’s henchmen that would spare his life. Seems like everyone is against Douda, yet he has no idea. Trust no one, when you have so many enemies. Authorities located Q’s body in a burned car and guess who’s DNA turned out to be a match? I think you all know, it ain’t Douda people, it was Victor. We’ll chat more on that later.

How Emmett could think about going out on the town when he just tried to murder someone and has a bounty on his life, I cannot explain. Emmett you are not bulletproof and I think this season you’re about to experience some serious heartache because of your actions. The one good thing is Emmett spilled the truth to Kiesha about Douda wanting him to murder Rob’s mom, Alicia, but he had no plans to do so. Instead he wanted to pit the two enemies against one another.

Speaking of Alicia, it seems she has an eye for Shaad, who helped Emmett’s father fix some plumbing issues. Shaad thought he had another shot with Deja if he delivered a heartfelt apology, but she refused. It seems Bakari is looking for a way out of Douda’s organization and may have found it after attending Lynae’s lecture course and meeting her college professor who is inspiring his students.

I was pleased to see Shaad finally explain to Victor why his relationship with Victor blew to pieces: um, he slept with Tierra, which Victor found hilarious despite his swollen eye. Jemma was more focused on business than pleasure with Jake and Bakari’s sister. I like that Jemma has her head on straight and is focused on her career, which threw Bakari’s sister by surprise. It will not be as easy as you think. This was potent because her relationship with Jake is fizzling by the minute.

Alicia considered paying off Emmett’s debt to Douda, but that was all dependent on him delivering her a number. Hmm, I don’t think it will be that easy Emmett. Rob warned his pal that getting into business with his mother is more dangerous than Douda. Wow. The final moments of the episode saw the audience introduced to Victor’s new lawyer portrayed by actor, Leon, who is screaming shady businessman. His goal is to ensure Victor is not pinned for Q’s murder, which means the war between Douda and Victor is definitely about to heat up. Until next Sunday “The Chi” fans!