NEW YORK—On Monday, May 20, in the case of New York vs. Donald J. Trump, Michael Cohen, the former Trump attorney admitted under oath that he had stolen thousands of dollars from Trump while he was employed by him.

Editorial credit: Evan El-Amin/

Defense attorney Todd Blanche spent hours questioning the witness until uncovering the extent of the theft. According to his webpage, Blanche, has worked with Trump since April of 2023, when former President Trump became “the first former or sitting President to face criminal charges.”

Cohen admitted on the witness stand to stealing a reported $50,000 from Trump indicating it was his reimbursement for a payment he made on Trump’s behalf to a technology group. Records indicate that the payment from Cohen was $20,000., not $50,000. With taxes and interest, the total amount stolen is equivalent to $60,000.  If convicted, this crime is punishable with a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

Blanche asked Cohen directly in court, “So, you stole from the Trump organization?” to which Cohen answered, “Yes Sir.”

Reports indicate there is a five-year statute of limitations that may prevent Trump’s defense attorneys from ever prosecuting Cohen for his crimes.

The statute of limitations did not apply to former President Trump as the alleged affair with the adult film personality, Stormy Daniels reportedly happened in 2006. The case was first tried in 2018 during Trump’s first term as President. In 2018, the fact that $130,000 was paid to Daniels to keep quiet about their alleged affair was confirmed to be paid by Cohen unbeknownst to Trump. Trump was not found guilty of any prosecutable offense in 2018.

Trump is not protected by the 5th Amendment which states that; “No person should be tried for the same crime twice.” He has been given a gag order that forbids him to speak about the jurors, Judge, or witnesses. Judge Juan Merchan threatened Trump with jail time for reportedly “violating his gag order,” when Trump openly spoke about the case outside the courtroom.

Trump relayed his disdain for the gag order placed on him, indicating that he couldn’t say anything about them, but they can say whatever they want about him [Trump].

Former President Trump’s defense team has made a motion for dismissal on the afternoon of May 20, after the prosecution rests. Reports indicate that the case of NY v. Trump is reaching its end.  New reports indicate that Judge Merchan may choose to continue.