MALIBU – The city of Malibu has been preparing for a safe fall wildfire season to avoid the catastrophic outcome of last year. The city of Malibu is a Very High Fire Hazard Severity zone because of the vegetation, topography and weather of the area. 

The Fire Safety Liasion, Jerry Vendermuelen, and his team have been monitoring the key fire threat indicators which they detect to be: fuel moisture levels, wind speed, temperature and humidity in the Santa Monica Mountains. As of August 15 the fuel moisture average is 10% higher than what it was last year which means the fire danger is not as high as it was last year. 

However, the risk of fire danger will increase until the end of October as temperatures rise, vegetation dies and the Santa Ana winds begin to blow. Malibu City implores residents to monitor the fire conditions and to check the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s reports on fuel moisture levels as well as the Fire Department’s Daily Fire Danger Analysis and the National Weather Service Los Angeles/ Oxnard which shows weather forecasts, conditions and hazards. 

The City also offers free Ignition Zone Assessment which helps residents harden their homes to protect them from flying embers, a leading cause for homes catching fire during wildfires. Residents can also modify landscaping, sealing eaves and moving flammable materials away from potential contact with embers. 

Volunteer inspectors from Malibu Community Emergency Response Team can inspect homes to make fire resistant recommendations. Additionally Jerry Vandermuelen is also available to meet with residents to offer guidance on preparing for a safe wildfire season. 

Contact Jerry Vandermeulen at 310-456-2489, ext. 387 or
For additional wildfire preparation information, visit the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Ready, Set, Go program.