SHERMAN OAKS—A memorial honoring the victim of a reckless driving incident, Connor Lynch was established on Woodman Avenue and Addison Street on Friday, August 16.

The memorial was supported by Los Angeles councilmember David Ryu, SoCal Families for Safe Streets, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, and was commissioned by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

At the dedication ceremony, Ryu criticized reckless drivers calling the memorial a “solemn reminder of the lives lost to traffic collisions and the ongoing work to make Los Angeles streets safe for all.”

The memorial is the start of the Rainbow Halos Project whose mission is to raise awareness of traffic safety in Los Angeles. The memorial is a rainbow shaped disc designed by artist John Morse who was also present during the dedication ceremony. The disc is to reflect rainbow light onto sidewalks to draw attention to traffic fatalities.

Above the disc is a sign that reads, “Project Halo honors people killed in traffic crashes. This halo marks the location of an individual life lost. It cast a glimpse of hope for safer, healthier streets.”

About 250 people die in traffic collisions a year in Los Angeles. Four out of hundred planned halos have been installed throughout the Los Angeles area. Families interested in a Rainbow Halo memorial to honor their lost loved ones should contact SoCal Families for Safe Streets at:

Back in 2010, Lynch, 16, was hit by a driver while crossing an intersection near Notre Dame High School where he attended. He was hit by a driver who was 18 at the time and unlicensed. According to officials, the driver was unaware she struck Lynch.

The victim’s mother Jeri Dye Lynch shared her son’s story at the dedication ceremony. She is the founder of the Connor Lynch Foundation and encourages family members who lost love ones from distracted driving to share their stories.