UNITED STATES—One of the latest trends in the fitness industry is waist training, which is the use of a corset to assist in making your waist smaller over time. Not only has this trend become very popular, it is also very controversial.

The use of a corset to achieve a smaller waist is often times perceived as dangerous. This perception comes from the notion that classic corsets with metal wiring typically tighten the waist beyond what is natural for an individual’s body. This is said to potentially displace organs in the torso and cause issues with breathing as well as other problems associated with the spine and ribs.

The waist trainer on the other hand, is marketed as a “safe” way of obtaining a smaller waist over time. These trainers are supposed to be safer because unlike the classic corset, they are latex and do not use metal wiring. The waist trainer isn’t a magical garment that is going to make your midsection as tiny as Dita Von Teese’s simply by wearing it. You must be consistent.

Consistency is crucial in achieving results with waist training. You must stick to a healthy diet that will result in fat loss as well as stick to an effective workout program. Lastly, you must wear your waist trainer regularly; at least six hours a day. If you consistently follow these steps, you should eventually need a smaller sized trainer.

Here a some suggestions that you should consider if you are thinking about buying a trainer. Do your research on corsets and waist trainers because they are very controversial. Although practically anyone can purchase a waist trainer, you should consult your doctor just in case. Read customer reviews; lots of them. Take your time before making your purchase. Make sure to choose a size that makes you feel comfortable. If you feel pain or discomfort like breathing difficulty, I recommend to discontinue the use of the product. Lastly, remember that although many people rave about waist training including many celebrities, it may just be a fad and you might actually find better results from simply eating a healthier balanced diet and exercising.