UNITED STATES—The entire debacle involving one of the biggest automakers in the county, General Motors has so many people concerned.  The fact that a faulty ignition led to the deaths of multiple people has millions of people outraged, not to mention the fact that some big wigs knew of the problem and did nothing to fix the issue before it was too late.

I couldn’t help, but feel sorry for the lady in charge at GM Mary Bara who found herself in the hot seat at Capitol Hill where she was literally “grilled” to the core by members of Congress. I mean, the questions they were asking her were hard, and the way they addressed the questions were harsh, but I think as Americans it’s something we needed, right? The public deserves to know what transpired and why. Watching Bara respond to the questions was uncomfortable at times, she appeared flustered and a bit all over the place in my opinion. She did the best she could with the position that she was put in.

My biggest gripe is someone speculated that Bara may have been set-up by General Motors. After being at the company for so many years, she obtains the top position and this epic scandal makes national headlines. Why? I think, and I’m certain that someone knew things would hit the fan at some point, rather a company would place one of their own in the fire, absolutely. This is business and it happens time and time again. People will do what they have to, to protect themselves.  I think many more waves are certain to occur because of this scandal.  All of the facts have yet to come out, and once it’s all said and done I think quite a few people will face some criminal charges.

What is so alarming about this problem is the fact that .57 cent was the thing separating fixing the ignition problem, so why in the hell didn’t someone step in to fix this. Why didn’t those in charge oversee or not acknowledge this problem? Seriously, driving a car is a privilege and requires a distinct amount of skill. A problem like this, even a skilled driver can’t predict how to handle and look what has transpired: people lost their lives. This is no joking matter; this isn’t a game of surprise. This is life or death. The scary factor is the company knew about the issue for more than a decade and just recently announced a recall a few months ago. This is nothing you just sit on, knowing that a defect could put to many lives in danger.

Of course General Motors might be secretly working behind the scenes to deal with potential monetary settlements with families who suffered loss because of the debacle. My concern is why can’t companies realize that money is just money? What is a $3.3 million or more settlement going to do?

It’s not going to bring the loved one back, some say it brings vindication. How so? If you want vindication criminal charges should be filed. You can’t combat bad behavior by promoting it with even more bad behavior by turning the focus on large sums of money. Money comes and goes; it doesn’t stay forever, the sooner we realize that, the better.

I’m seriously hoping this entire scandal with General Motors is a big message not only to the company, but to other companies out there. Don’t attempt to hide things from the American public. Remember anything that is done in the dark eventually finds its way to the light. The longer something stays hidden the worse the outcome becomes when things hit the fan.