HOLLYWOOD—The music business is a very tough business. You have to put in your time, and be great. You really have to be amazing onstage. You have to strive to make the audience want to emulate you, both onstage and off, you do this by your genuine personality and poise. You have to be a self-promoter. How many times have people overloaded your Facebook newsfeed with those annoying pop-ups?

As a self-promoter you have to do it, even though it’s annoying to others. Never burn your bridges, remember that the musicians you know now will likely be heavyweights later (and you’ll be BFFs). You need to have a vision and set yourself up for the long haul, so you can maintain some level of sanity and calmness. Always stay positive and remember that haters are vampires and will drain your spirit.

One person that never gave up was Rihanna. Years later Rihanna has overtaken the Beatles record for the total number of weeks spent at number one in the US. According to published reports, the singer’s latest hit “Work,” has scored a ninth week at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, giving her a total of 60 weeks at number one with 14 songs. She is now second on the list of all-time chart-toppers, behind Mariah Carey, whose record is 79 weeks. However, some of the songs counted as a #1 for Rihanna are actually collaborations with other artists, such as rappers T.I., and Eminem.

None of the singles by the Beatles to reach the chart summit featured other artists. The most popular songs by the Beatles in the US were “Hey Jude,” which spent nine weeks at number one in 1968, and “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” which was number one for seven weeks in 1964. Elvis Presley also had a total of 79 weeks, but only if weeks prior to the inception of the Billboard Hot 100 are counted. The Billboard chart began life in August 1958, after which Presley is credited with having 22 cumulative weeks at the top of the Billboard chart.

These days it’s not enough just to record, you need to perform, as well. Just ask Axl Rose! According to published reports, along with prepping a reunion tour with Guns N’ Roses, Axl is joining AC/DC on the road. AC/DC has announced that Rose will replace Brian Johnson on its “Rock or Bust World” tour, beginning May 7 in Lisbon, Portugal. Rose will remain with the band through its European dates and 10 rescheduled U.S. shows. Johnson is pulling out due to health concerns, after being advised by doctors that further concerts could permanently impair his hearing.

The band says it supports his decision to withdraw and is looking forward to the shows. The rumors began last month when Axl was spotted in Atlanta for rehearsals, according to GNR’s fansites. That’s when the speculations began with Axl Rose. Usually, when rumors begin, there are sometimes a speck of truth in them. It’s no secret, that I’m a huge fan of Axl and GNR, so with that said, I’m thrilled he is in the spotlight again. Rose will return to Guns N’ Roses for a summer tour.

Rose’s Scoop: Back in 1992, the late Princess Diana visited the Taj Mahal. Now a royal span of 24 years, her son Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, in the same spot posed on the same marble bench where William’s late mother posed 24 years ago. What a sweet thing to do. On April 21, Queen Elizabeth II, William’s grandmother , will celebrate her 90th birthday.