HOLLYWOOD—Who is the power player? That is the question that remains on Tyler Perry’s “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘Bed of Lies’ continued to witness Hunter Franklin make moves to regain his power as the President of the United States. Really? Those masked people were with Sam. That is a terrible cliffhanger to say the least.

Nancy was sworn to secrecy about Jason’s return from the ‘dead’ and it makes me wonder if her loose lips will sink ships. Jason did confirm some vital information to Sam about Kyle and another agent being at the cabin when it was set ablaze, just as Jason was about to go into hiding yet again. Jason trusts his father too much, while Sam tried to reassure him that Hunter could be trusted. I hate to say it, but I am leaning towards Jason’s intuition here.

Simone was reeling after seeing that video of Eli and Victoria having sex. Simone is taking out all her frustration on Bobby and it feels like the chemistry between these two is building. Bobby is being tempted by Simone, but I wonder why? Bobby seems to always think with other parts of his body. Max called out another agent who was sweeping inside The Oval against Max’s wishes. Eli walked in and asked the agent to continue the sweep, but Eli refused to leave. Max found a camera that was hidden that the agent seemed to ignore or dismiss.

Eli’s blood pressure was sky high, as he worried the camera may have caught him and Victoria in the act, but something tells me the person who planted that device might be part of Eli’s inner circle. Barry is DEAD! Why are we dragging this narrative out longer than needed? Priscilla gossiped with Richard about Victoria’s predicament with Hunter. Priscilla was curious about the new secret service team which included Agent Isaac.

Hunter definitely has a type as he continued to flirt with Priscilla who started to play his game a bit. Man, Priscilla was reading Hunter like a book about his antics, and he didn’t seem to like it one bit people. When Hunter switched the conversation to Victoria, Priscilla was excited. He revealed that Victoria and Eli tried to kill him, and he wanted her help to put Victoria away. I cannot recall the last time Priscilla was this giddy.

Priscilla went into vicious mode about Jason killing Jean and Hunter dropped tea about Victoria trying to kill Jason. Damn, Hunter just spilled everything. He told her that Jason was alive and that he contacted him. I loved that information from Hunter about Victoria’s father being quite powerful and willing to bury him if he goes after his daughter. Back in the cellar, Victoria continued to connect dots, as Antonio pointed the finger at Hunter messing around with Sharon. Kareem tried to warn his cousin not to speak, but Antonio was eager to get out of that cell.

The more we continue to hear about Victoria’s father, I wonder if we will see his presence yet again? Dale and Allan had another pointless conversation that went absolutely nowhere, that was before Donald and Kyle interrupted. Kyle was forced to babysit Allan, while Donald paid a visit to POTUS unaware that he was about to be fired. Kyle went on a rant about Dale and how he likes the drama and I cannot believe that Kyle is sharing all these details with Allan.

Max alerted Bobby that Agent Kane and how the footage was on it. Bobby made a move a bit earlier than he was supposed to. Bobby did his best to resist, but Simone tempted him and he gave into that temptation. Next week starts to expose some cracks in some relationships that I didn’t expect. Until then “The Oval” fanatics!