MALIBU—On Tuesday, January 30, the city of Malibu Community Services Department announced the invitation for children to join the new “Agents of Discovery” augmented reality program that promotes environmental education and encourages exploration of Malibu’s natural habitats.

The city of Malibu indicated on its website that the mobile app guides kids ages 4-12 on a “mission” throughout Malibu’s Legacy Park to learn about native plants, insects, animals, and birds. It begins at Malibu Library and has 11 challenges, such as finding and identifying plants and animals and answering trivia questions. Children who complete the mission will get a free Malibu Agents of Discovery badge at the Malibu Library. The Malibu Library is located at 23519 West Civic Center Way, Malibu, across the street from Legacy Park.

To get started, participants should download the free Agents of Discovery mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Click on the “Legacy Park” mission, and the City’s great blue heron will guide the user through the challenges.

The challenges are aimed to start and finish at the library and can be started anywhere in Legacy Park by opening the app and scanning the QR code on one of the informational signs posted around the park. New challenges will be created each season to provide young explorers with new opportunities to learn about Legacy Park’s ecosystems and habitats.
For more details about the Agents of Discovery Program, visit the website.