HOLLYWOOD—Last week did end on an interesting note on “The Oval” with Max being carted away in cuffs, guess it was a smart idea that Blakely decided to bolt. This week’s episode, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ witnessed Bobby doing all in his power to discover that Max’s assailants were taking him to The White House. It seems Kyle is fed up with Donald and his power trip, and frankly as a viewer so am I. Bobby needed Lily to pull some strings to get him inside The White House to prevent Max from being killed.

Lilly is indeed a bada**, just as Victoria was a bit thrown off to spot Kyle guarding Jason’s bedroom. Victoria seemed to think that Kyle had a thing for Hunter, which she is clearly wrong about. Victoria just loves to push people’s buttons. This week it looks like Kyle is in the crosshairs. She threw darts and major darts at him, even insulting his inability to take out Max.

Ellie decided to take a stand and end her relationship with Hunter. Hunter didn’t want to hear that and continued to make moves on her, as she noted social media has coined her his ‘little whore.’ Yeah, when Victoria called Hunter an idiot she was not lying. Victoria wanted to chat with Ellie, but Hunter did not seem pleased.

Well, Hunter is a bit protective of Ellie. When his wife wanted to have a one-on-one, Hunter stopped that from happening people. The hate between Victoria and Hunter is extreme people. Barry seemed to think Sharon was joking when she stopped by to alert him that she was coming to pick up the rest of her things and it looks like the nail is in the coffin on this relationship. Barry is a big kid, who needs to grow up. He decided to confront Kareem who was nowhere to be found. It was nice to see Richard and Nancy finally reconcile and be in a better place than where they have been in recent weeks. Barry dropped some tea about Ruth’s twin sister going missing that starting to get the wheels turning for Richard.

That was hilarious; Sharon lied to simply get under her ex’s skin. Dale was taken aback to see Donald show up to his hospital room with flowers and a stuffed animal. Yeah, Donald if you are attempting to convince Dale that you were not responsible for his shooting you are doing a bad job. Jealously is definitely not a good look on Donald, who issued an actual threat for a second time against Dale. Allan wanted to have a conversation with Alonzo, but that was interrupted by Victoria who came to gloat about her latest string of threats. Victoria attempted to come onto Allan, which made an already uncomfortable situation, more uncomfortable.

Alonzo shared with Priscilla that Victoria rattled Allan in a way that raised his blinders and not in a good way. That is NOT something that Victoria should be doing considering all the leverage that this woman has against The Frist Lady. Looks like a major catfight is in the works between Priscilla and Victoria and I’m all for it people. Sharon was doing her best to get under Kareem’s skin, but their conversation was interrupted by Hunter who reached out to Sharon, and she took his bait, but stopped him in his tracks. Jeez, Hunter is totally a creep people. When she admitted she was going to bring her boyfriend it stopped him in his tracks.

At least Sharon and Kareem know that Hunter is a creep, which led us to another showdown between Donald and Kyle. Kyle called out Donald on all his antics, and Donald spilled that he went to the hospital to visit Dale and issued threats. Donald truly is loving being the villain and I cannot wait to see Donald meet his maker. The situation got dire when they heard a scream. Wow, Jason tried to hang himself and Kyle and Donald may have saved him in a nick of time. Looks like viewers will have to wait till next week to find out. Until next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!