HOLLYWOOD—It is the secret that viewers have known about for what feels like a year or two on Tyler Perry’s “The Oval.” Barry is dead! We saw the body, as did Kareem, Antonio and Sharon, but in this week’s episode, ‘Breaking News’ Richard, Nancy, Sam and Priscilla all learned about Barry’s demise. It was indeed heartbreaking, but I am glad this narrative has finally been put to bed, and it looks like it might reunite Nancy and Richard.

Donald is as jealous as ever, as he is starting to realize that Kyle might be stepping out on him with Allan of all people. The shock is that Kyle and Donald both suspect Allan is the other guy and that could not be any further from the truth. Allan is not sleeping with Dale; he is not the least bit interested in him. If anything, it is Dale and Kyle who are hooking up. I can understand Allan’s annoyance with Kyle thinking he has a thing with Dale. I feel like Allan is about to be in the crosshairs of a bit of jealously.

I know Priscilla is not about to try to play antics in front of Sam by flirting with Bobby who is already in too deep with Simone. This is just messy on top of messy. Max decided to bust Bobby’s balls a bit and per usual it was funny. Hunter was defiant as ever, as he has tried to walk, but it was apparent he was not ready to stand on his own two feet, and still found himself in a wheelchair.

Sam alerted Nina about his big scoop, and that he had to ensure they were not spotted together as a security precaution. Dale was starting to open up to Allan about his past and that he was an escort, and his pimp was quite dangerous. Allan called out Dale on his attraction to danger; but damn Allan, you can at least show a bit of sympathy. So Allan does have a bit of compassion because as soon as Dale spilled about his parents being murdered, it struck a chord with Allan.

Eli and Simone, the interaction we have all been waiting for, after she discovered he slept with Victoria and she retaliated by sleeping with Bobby. The coldness between these two is just brutal because Eli has NO IDEA that his wife is playing him like a fiddle. The fact that she refused to kiss him said it all.

Richard and Nancy were solemn as Sam broke the news that they are investigating Barry’s death, as parents it was a brutal reality to have to accept. Richard was in a complete daze and Nancy was an emotional mess. Kyle was alerted that Hunter was taking a trip to the infirmary, as he paid a visit to Victoria.

I love this side of Hunter, because he is a force to be reckoned with. Victoria realized she did not hold the cards, as he had plans to dismantle her. He revealed that he has been speaking to Gayle who plans to sing like a canary. He also spilled that he has been conversing with Jason also. Victoria was riled up and it was apparent she is afraid she is about to lose it all. Nina was coerced into that secret location by Sam, where she was stunned to come face-to-face with Jason. Sam staged the scene for Jason’s big reveal that left Nina on edge as Jason started to spill tea about his parents.

The final moments of the episode witnessed Kyle rummaging through the President’s bathroom, but he was caught red-handed by Priscilla. Wow, next week looks vicious as Kyle and Priscilla go at it and more secrets are exposed people. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!