HOLLYWOOD—It was the second season finale of Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” and the finale brought quite a few surprises to the audience to say the least. The episode, ‘Doomsday’ kicked off with Priscilla finally giving Victoria a taste of her own medicine and explaining exactly how she felt about her. The First Lady continued to poke, and it resulted in Priscilla being fired and she unleashed wholly hell on Victoria and I was living for it.

Seeing Richard grab that butcher knife off the table as Priscilla let the professional side of her disappear, was hilarious people. Priscilla spoke some truth and it cut Victoria to the core, she knew it, but tried her best to act as she was not bothered, but we could tell she was shaking as a result. When Victoria threatened, Priscilla threatened back about the whereabouts of Jean, checkmate!

Even Lilly could tell that Victoria was rattled, and when she pointed shots at Lilly, Lilly poked back. Her being masculine and not presenting herself in a womanly fashion; it was damn hilarious. Victoria is not having a good episode so far people. Jason when are you going to learn that Allan is not interested in having a relationship with you? You are sick in the head and Allan knows it. You can tell Allan wanted to bash Jason’s head in again, but it took a ton of composure, but he snapped. He let Jason know he struck him and that he’s sick and needs help.

A threat was thrown Allan’s way courtesy of Jason, but the conversation was interrupted by Donald. Allan revealed that Jason wanted him to kill the President of the United States. Barry decided to take action to get his daughter out of the compound and promised a $100,000 payout if his plan succeeded. Um, this is worrisome because I think he is making the situation worse. Barry was attempting to make a move, but Nancy was aware that Barry might be making a move that could lead to more trouble and danger.

So Donald has more tools that he can use to his advantage, one that is not Kyle, but his ally seems to know Kyle people. Looks like Donald is playing with danger and plans to make Kyle jealous in the process. I’m not sure if that is wise people. Wow, Donald you are so jealous of Kyle with Dale that you want to have Dale killed? Damn that is ballsy and I fear things are about to get messy people, very messy and Vince is about to run into danger. Too bad Victoria, Sam will NOT be accompanying you when you go visit your father, who has you shaking in your boots for reasons that I cannot understand just yet.

Barry and his pals were ready to infiltrate the campground, but that constant talk about the money makes me worry that Barry will not be able to hold up his end of the bargain. So Victoria’s father is dying and he was disappointed in Hunter and Victoria for allowing Jason to strangle his wife to death. Oh, so he is fully aware what his grandson did. He warned Hunter and Victoria that threats are headed their way and that death is promised. Really? This guy just delivered a long monologue with very little information in the process people.

Sam got a harsh talking to and was alerted that Victoria and her father is a dangerous duo. Sam was in for stunner when he learned that Max was very much alive. Sam got the entire rundown on how massive this cover-up is and that Sam, Max, Bobby and Blakely are the only ones who can bring down the current presidency. I have a feeling that we are moving towards a potential endgame for the series people, it might not happen right away, but I sense that is where we are headed.

Dale got a tongue lashing from Frida, but things got interesting when Vince stopped by the pharmacy and started flirting with Dale who made it crystal clear he was in the middle of work. Vince issued a veiled threat before firing multiple shots into Dale likely killing him, just as Frida walked BACK into the store and didn’t seem to spot Dale’s body behind the counter and the culprit who just murdered Dale.

Blakely, Bobby and Max were ambushed by Kyle. A gunfight ensued, and Kyle threatened Max to cease fire if he wanted to see his son again. Kyle thought he had the upper hand, but not so much people. The final moments of the episode witnessed Hunter, Donald and Victoria under fire as the season culminated.

Don’t worry “The Oval” fans, the series will return on October 12 with its third season, and we will get answers to those questions that have been left lingering. However, based on what was teased, Dale doesn’t look like he will make it, Donald has questions to answer from a fiery Kyle and Priscilla continues her dance with Victoria. Its only a month away so that is the good news for “The Oval’s” return!