HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Oval” ended in a cliffhanger, with Sharon ready to bust a cap into Kyle, but he surely wanted to test her. This week’s episode, ‘Ho Patrol’ witnessed Sharon fire a bullet into Kyle’s shoulder. Well it looks clear that Sharon is NOT someone to mess around with people. Kyle faked his injury, getting the upper hand on Sharon, and she found herself in a dire situation, where he grabbed her throat and she realized President Hunter Franklin was behind her being attacked.

Sharon was frightened out of her mind, and adhered to Kyle’s request. I am so ready for the people in power at The White House to have a massive tumble to say the least people. They have too much arrogance for my liking. Victoria doesn’t like being called out by other people on her antics; she tried to pull a number on Lilly who didn’t want to be in the presence of someone so cold, wicked and downright lacking manners. Bobby infiltrated The White House and came face-to-face with Richard, a face from the past. Interesting people, very interesting to say the least, but Richard is such an idiot.

Kareem decided to question Dale more about the shooting, and Dale was coy to say the least. It later became apparent that Max was not as trusting of Bobby who actually infiltrated The White House to rescue him, but it resulted in both being trapped and what happens next is to be seen. Lilly decided to raise red flags against Donald who was surprised to see his wife stop by for an impromptu lunch. Ok, so it seems like Donald is holding Bobby and Max hostage for reasons one cannot understand, um, perhaps because Donald and Kyle had some role in that shooting they do not want to come to light.

Donald shared with Hunter that Victoria’s father is NOT doing well and could die anytime at this point. So it is apparent that is major bad blood within the inner dynamics of the house. I mean this is an episode full of drama people, big drama, with Alonzo delivering a few punches and strikes to Jason who peed on him. That resulted in Victoria testing Alonzo’s allegiance by having him deliver a few more punches at her bequest. Hunter was more focused on trying to meet Sharon, but little did he know he’s NOT going to get what he wants.

Barry is really starting to prove to be a pain in the a** for Nancy who was NOT happy with the antics of her son in her home. It is starting to feel like the writers don’t know what to do with the character of Barry and I could see him making an exit from the series in the near future. Allan was accosted by Victoria as he was heading home, and he made it clear he would not strike his wife.

Wait, Victoria is really issuing threats to Allan and telling him to kill his wife, yet Sam is right behind her hearing it all. What the hell am I missing here America? This is either bad writing or simply stupid storytelling from Mr. Perry. I’m starting to come to the conclusion that Victoria is NOT a character I love to hate; she is a character that I just hate at this point. Victoria if you think you’re getting information out of Sam about Priscilla and your father, think again, it’s not happening.

Where the episode started it is where it ended. Hunter realized Kyle did questionable things to bring Sharon to The White House. Hunter feigned ignorance, as Sharon made it clear she wanted to go home. Ok, these final 10 minutes of the episode have really forced me to question the writing on this series and I do not love it one bit people. Just as Allan was getting into his vehicle an assailant broke into his vehicle and started to deliver a beating. I really hope the narrative is a bit more polished in next week’s “The Oval” people!