HOLLYWOOD—Well, Kareem you have some explaining to do after Sharon found Barry’s bloody phone in the latest episode of “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘It’s No Secret’ saw a Sharon fearing that Kareem might be dangerous as she stashed Barry’s phone, as he attempted to confess, but he manhandled the phone and gave hints without confessing the truth. Ugh, just spill it already.

Victoria received a call from Simone who made it clear to her foe that she is aware of what she is up to with Eli. The ladies wasted no time trading jabs, as Simone knows The First Lady slipped that earring into her husband’s jacket and with that she hung up the phone. This is going to be a fun catfight when it finally erupts. Alonzo felt indebted to Allan for saving him with the President, but he received a call from the Chief of Staff, just as Hunter burst into Donald’s office and decided to throw insults at Allan, but a bit of truth about Allan striking Ellie (which he actually did people) surfaced.

Allan did his best to keep his composure, but you could see the rage boiling inside him, as Alonzo attempted to diffuse the situation. Allan had a plan to secure some drugs for Hunter that would knock get him so high it looks like a bit of revenge might be in the works people. Sam brought Jason back to the cabin, the only place to insure Jason’s safety and to prevent him from being discovered by Victoria, Donald and the others. David emerged from the shadows and was ready to put a beat down on Jason.

All Simone needs to do is check Eli’s call log and she could easily connect all the dots, Victoria constantly calling is just delivering more clues by the minute. Richard alerted Priscilla that she needed him to watch over Nancy for a few hours, while he handled some business. Priscilla what are you thinking still trying to schmooze Bobby, just as Richard learned (what the audience already knew) Nancy had been drugged.

She started to shout that Barry is dead, which rattled Richard, because deep down he knows it is true as well. The question is when will we see this ‘Ruthless’ cult pay for their crimes? Dale took a call from Kareem’s pal who was looking to pick-up a prescription, unaware that it was for drugs. So, Kareem is not the good guy everyone suspects. He is using the pharmacy as a front to peddle drugs. Dale poked his head where it didn’t belong and discovered loads of drugs that left him speechless.

Donald and Kyle were upset at their predicament which is a loose end they are unsure how to tie up. Donald you do realize Sam doesn’t answer to you? Seems like Donald doesn’t know that, but he soon will. Sam played ‘dumb’ but it was so much fun to watch it. I totally forgot Kyle tried to kill Sam so if anything there is a score to be settled. Donald learned that the FBI is looking into a legitimate threat against President Hunter Franklin’s life. Oh, Sam totally knows how to cover his tracks and this has Kyle and Donald’s blood boiling. Donald is shaking and I like it! Max and Bobby compared notes about how lazy Hunter is compared to Eli and it got them both riled up, as Max questioned if Eli is a good guy or not.

Bobby is such an idiot, he is about to allow a woman to derail his life and his career. Sam stepped to Bobby as a war of words erupted, as Max tried to diffuse the situation. Victoria was not happy to hear from Donald that the FBI might be investigating them. Victoria on edge is a fun Victoria to watch.

Is Kareem going to confess the truth or continue to drag his feet? Kareem is acting a paranoid lunatic, preventing Sharon from answering her phone, refusing to let her leave, not addressing questions about Barry’s bloody phone. After much hesitation, he revealed he found Barry’s bloody body in his bedroom. It left Sharon an emotional mess, as she fought him, kicking and clawing as she was in fear of her life.

Back at the pharmacy, Alonzo stopped by to pick up that ‘package’ which left Dale stunned. So Alonzo knows what is going on, but Dale seems a bit stunned by the rate people. Alonzo really? You’re here to pick-up drugs, not the other way around. This makes no sense at all and I’m totally stunned people by this incident. This feels like really bad writing from Tyler Perry that was obvious. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!