HOLLYWOOD—Victoria Franklin got a taste of her own medicine courtesy of Hunter in the latest episode of “The Oval.” I mean this episode, ‘Off the Deep End’ Victoria was taken into custody by agents, but she fought tooth and nail along the way. She wasn’t winning the battle, but to be honest, I want to see Victoria gain an edge on Hunter so this dynamic between the fiery couple intensifies even more.

Allan contacted the FBI agents to alert them that Jason stopped by his apartment, and they planned to do surveillance. Allan, tone down the attitude dude; it’s a bit much at this point. Oh, so Cal and his colleague are lovers, I did not expect that reveal. Victoria hooted and hollered after she was tased by CIA agents and we heard about Gayle? I want to know, where is Gayle; we haven’t seen her since season one, people. Hunter played the audio of Victoria trying to kill him and he had her dead to rights.

Victoria wanted to chat with Hunter in private, but he was not willing to play ball. He had her thrown in the bunker, and she threatened her hubby with news of her father. Hunter you’re spilling a bit too much to this agent you just met. We have a New Chief of Staff, but I wonder if he is a plant working for someone else. It just feels way too easy in my opinion. Isaac seems like he has an ulterior motive, but I have no clue what it is, it feels treacherous to say the least.

Dale might have gotten himself into a tricky situation showing up at Kyle place for drinks, as Kyle fished for information. Simone contacted Donald to warn him that she was aware that he is sleeping with Kyle and their loyalty to The First Lady. She even spilled she was aware that Eli and Victoria are having an affair. Per usual, Donald fished for information unaware that Simone was playing him like a fiddle. I loved the smoke that Simone was blowing to Eli about her phone conversations.

This woman was livid, and she could no longer contain her emotions and she erupted. Eli, you are a bad liar and antagonizing to your wife, when she knows you’re lying to her face. That is asking for the volcano to erupt. We had the boring scene between Richard and Sam that gave absolutely nothing, story wise.

Cal got intel on Bobby courtesy of Simone. Bobby pulled a gun on Cal who questioned whether they could trust one another. This standoff is tense and intriguing to say the least. Cal was forced to spill intel about a case involving all the chaos inside the administration. I’m too distracted, why in the hell is Bobby crying? Bobby said it was allergies, but I don’t know if I buy that. Cal spilled tea about a ‘kid’ we all know it’s Jason, and it looks like a meeting of the minds aligned.

Bobby got the upper hand, but the good thing is Cal recorded the conversation. Is the audience actually supposed to care about Kareem and his cousin being stashed in a bunker? No, I don’t care, it is unnecessary and just pointless. Their conversation was interrupted by Victoria being tossed in a jail cell right next to them. Victoria started asking questions, but Kareem and Antonio didn’t want to speak, as it became clear she might connect the dots, she’s in her predicament because of these guys.

The final moments of the episode witnessed Nancy making breakfast for Priscilla, but c’mon where is the cliffhanger? Oh, here it is, Priscilla left for work and Nancy realized Barry had her credit cards last and she was about to call the bank to find out what was up. She found herself accosted by Jason with a knife to her throat. Why did Jason show up to Priscilla’s place, of all people? We’ll find out next week “The Oval” fanatics!